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Probabilistic Damage (DAMSTAB2 Wizard Update)
(Requires GHS with Advanced Features and Condition Graphics)

COW 009 introduced the DAMSTAB2 wizard as the recommended approach for probabilistic damage calculations. It concluded by stating that the wizard is updated as new requirements emerge.

Well, as you may have guessed from the title, the energetic folks at the IMO have done it again. At the Maritime Safety Committee's 98th session, a few changes to the SOLAS probabilistic damage regulations were approved. Lucky for you, the equally energetic employees of Creative Systems updated the DAMSTAB2 wizard to match. The regulation changes are expected to enter into force on January 1, 2020, but you can start evaluating your designs against the revised criterion immediately.

If you are dealing with cargo ship designs, you can relax as the changes only apply to passenger ships. The most substantial change is an across-the-board increase in the Required Subdivision Index, R. To update an old analysis, all you need to do is backup your wizard files, change the type of run to Probabilistic Passenger SOLAS 2020, and rerun your analysis.

The second change only applies to RORO passenger vessels. The new regulation requires a larger range of stability and maximum righting arm for damage cases which involve a RORO vehicle space. As you can see, the Wizard makes it simple, just check a box and enter the tanks which are used as RORO spaces.

To download the latest DAMSTAB2 or any of our numerous other wizards, please visit

We've got the next few wizard updates already planned but, as always, we try to let customer feedback guide our development. So don't hesitate to email your requests to the link below.

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