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Wizard Files

1. You may need to update your GHS/BHS main program in order to use wizards with dates later than the date of your GHS.EXE or BHS.EXE file. Where a version number exists for a wizard, your GHS.EXE or BHS.EXE version must be the same or higher in order to run the wizard.

2. To install these wizards simply copy all of the files into your GHS/BHS program folder. After that is done the wizard name will appear in the pulldown menu in your main program.

FileSubjectUpdatedUse With
BALLAST Ballast Advisor11/22/11GHS,BHS
C170170 46CFR170.170/173 Weather/Unusual Form Crit. v. 12.1705/18/17GHS
C171050 46CFR171.050 Passenger Heel GM Criterion v.12.903/17/16GHS
CASEMASTER Case Master v9.00A02/16/15GHS
CRITER2 Criteria Wizard (Select from preconfigured options)11/16/16GHS
CRANE Crane Load Modeling v. 15.1307/27/17GHS with CR
DAMSTAB2 Probabilistic Damage v. 15.86B01/10/18GHS
DISPLCOR Producing Displacement Correction Tables11/22/11 GHS,BHS
DDS079 DDS079 Navy Criteria v. 15.5001/06/17GHS
DWSCALE Deadweight Scale wizard and Library v. 15.5006/23/17GHS,BHS
EXECWIZ Executive Wizard11/22/11GHS,BHS
FLDINTER Intermediate Stages of Flooding wizard v. 12.5110/22/17 GHS,BHS
HOPPER Hopper spilling and flooding v. 12.50A11/26/14 GHS
HSPROP Hydrostatic Properties12/01/04 GHS,BHS
HULL_MAKER Hull Maker v. 1402/10/14 GHS,BHS
ICEBREAK Ice Breaker Simulation12/01/04 GHS,BHS
IMPORTGF Importing Models into GHS12/01/04 GHS,BHS
INCLINE Inclining v. 15.30A02/13/17GHS,BHS
LIMITS Various predefined Limit Commands for GHS v. 11.703/06/17 GHS
MAXHMMT Maximum Heeling Moment Curves wizard v. 12.32B12/05/14 GHS
MAXVCG Maximum VCG Curves wizard11/22/11 GHS
MAXVCG2 Maximum VCG Curves Helper wizard v. 13.0008/10/12 GHS
MB Multi-Body05/17/05 GHS with MB
PFEXPORT PF Export wizard for Word and HTML files. GHS v15.6+05/09/17 GHS,BHS
RENDER Render Wizard v1.0801/10/18 GHS,BHS
RIG Offshore platform max VCG wizard v. 14.74e11/16/17 GHS
SAIL_IMPORT Sail/Superstructure Geometry Importing08/02/16 GHS,BHS
TOO Table Of Offsets wizard10/03/14 GHS,BHS
TOWBOAT 46CFR173.095 Towline Pull Criterion v1.710/31/17 GHS
TRANSFER Liquid Transfer Wizard v. 14.5412/31/15 GHS
TANK_SOUND Tank Soundings Wizard v. 14.90B11/07/16 GHS,BHS with TS
WEATHER Weather Criterion Macro v. 15.06C11/17/16 GHS
WOD Water on Deck v. 1.0401/13/16 GHS
WPL3 Three-point waterplane solver03/06/14 GHS,BHS

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