Tank Soundings

Tank sounding tables are interesting because of the variety of formats and requirements that are encountered. Since some of those requirements are quite specific, we made a special module to handle them.

The GHS main program can also produce tank sounding tables (the TC command) with a considerable amount of flexibility in the makeup of the table. While the tank tables from the GHS main program are intended primarily for design work, the TS module produces sounding tables for use in the field. TS offers six table formats in either English or metric mode.

TS formats with English units:

Gallons may be either U.S. or Imperial.

TS formats with metric units:

Formats 1 and 2 are more compact than any of the formats available in GHS and are therefore especially attractive for use in the field if only volumes are needed.

Formats 2, 3, and 4 meet specific US Navy requirements.

Formats 3 and 4 include special interpolations at breakpoints.

Format 5 shows both sounding and ullage simultaneously.

TS Extensions - TSX

TSX calculates two types of tank sounding tables that show a range of trims:

1. Volumes at given sounding or ullage increments for a range of trims at a given heel.

2. Sounding corrections at given sounding increments for a range of trims and/or heels.

We expect that eventually computers will be so accessible, reliable, and common that tank sounding tables on paper will cease to be produced. Until that happens we can add new formats to the TS program to meet any special needs.

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