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Public Print Utility

The most convenient way to transmit reports from GHS, BHS, or GLM to another computer that does not have access to the originating software is to email them using the PRINT /EMAIL command. (If a GLM system is equipped to email reports, then an Email button will appear in the Report menu.)

A report emailed in this manner will be in the form of an attached Public Print File with a .PPF extension. Any recipient who has a current version of GHS or BHS installed will be able to view and print .PPF reports with no need for the Public Print Utility (but it may be required by older software to view .PPF files generated by more recent versions).

However, other recipients would need to install the Public Print Utility in order to open .PPF reports. After installation, it is only necessary to double-click a .PPF attachment and it will appear on the screen the same as if it were being previewed on the originating computer. The report can then be printed by pressing P, along with other options which are displayed when you right-click the preview window.

Print Files with .PF extension can also be converted to Public Print Files using the COPY file1.PF file2.PPF /CONVERT command.

The link below downloads a program named GHSPublicPrintInstaller.exe, which installs the Public Print Utility on your computer when you open it.
Download the Public Print Utility

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