Making a Two Dimensional SAIL Component:

If want to create a two dimensional SAIL component, Model Converter (MC) can rotate a single-station component 90 so that it becomes a longitudunal SAIL part. In profile view, this part would look just like the original transverse station.

To create this, use the /PROFILE parameter with your MC Command:
    MC [InFile [(ComponentSpec)]] [OutFile [(ComponentSpec)]] /PROFILE
This process does not preserve the station's side indentations, and will not translate the indentations to the fore and aft ends of the new component.

To add vertical layers to your part, you can repeat this process for any number of stations (in separate components) which can become profile components of the same SAIL part.

Transverse stations have the negative (port) side on the left. The profile station will have the negative (forward) side on the right. Therefore, if a station is drawn looking like the profile it will turn out to be reversed longitudinally after the rotation. This can be avoided by drawing the station as if it were the profile seen from the port side, or it can be corrected later using the REVERSE feature in Part Maker.

It is best to give the station location a slightly nonzero value (note that the station location will become the transverse offset of the sail component). If fitting to the deck is necessary this ensures that the fit operation will work properly.

SE or PM can be used to create the single-station component(s).

An example of this process can be found in the run file makesail.rf:

The result looses some of the detail because of the sampling, but it should have nearly the same wind plane characteristics.

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