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#8: Load Editor with Windows (LEw) right-clicking

Most areas of the Load Editor with Windows (LEw) display can be right-clicked using the mouse for a range of additional information and control options. Here are some examples:

1. Contents field for any tank can be right-clicked to show details like specific gravity and oil temperature, to monitor free surface moment, to freeze a liquid or unfreeze a solid, and to change substance by picking from a drop-down list.

2. Load field for any tank can be right-clicked to show details like gross and net volume, to flood a tank or make it intact, to protect a tank from further changes, and to start or end transfer of loads entered with a "+" or "-" for another tank with the same contents.

3. Load Percentage field for any tank can be right-clicked to pick from a list of standard percentages.

4. Column header buttons can be right-clicked to change column units and to swap between Sounding and Ullage mode.

5. Total field in the spreadsheet footer can be right-clicked to show a report of all load subtotals organized by content.

6. Tank pictures in vessel graphs can be right-clicked to identify a tank, to show its contents and load details, and to change view options such as whether to show sails or whether to show a vessel in its true aspect ratio.

How can you tell what parts of the LEw display can be right-clicked? Here's a tip: you can right-click any button marked with a tiny right triangle on its lower-righthand corner. You can also right-click spreadsheet fields and vessel graphs. When in doubt, it never hurts to try right-clicking any part of the LEw display to see what options might be available.

If you have any questions or would like information about how to order the LEw module, contact support@ghsport.com.

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