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#4: Load Editor with Windows (LEw) and General Load Monitor (GLM)

The Load Editor (LE) module has long been available for interactive editing of tank loads, fixed weights, and ground points. More recently the Load Editor with Windows (LEw) module was introduced as an add-on to dramatically enhance Load Editor's Graphic User Interface, transforming it into a visual command center which can be configured to control and monitor all aspects of GHS operation at the push of a button.

Even before LEw was made available for GHS users, its technology became the primary interface for the current generation of attractive and highly configurable General Load Monitor (GLM) installations. GLM can be viewed as a reduced-price specialized version of GHS targeted to monitor stability and loading as an on-board system for a single vessel.

Naval architects can quickly (and profitably) configure GLM systems for the ships they design using the comprehensive GLM_Maker wizard included with LEw in the GLM Configurer's License package. For more information about GLMs, go to http://www.ghsport.com/glm or contact support@ghsport.com.

Though the LEw interface is a proven and invaluable fixture in the GLM market, it remains an unknown quantity for many GHS owners who haven't yet configured GLMs for their clients. So keep an eye out for future "did you know" articles exploring some of LEw's most important features.

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