GHS Version Update History from Version 18.50 to 19.00

GHS Version Update History since Version 19.00

Version 19.00A

SOLVE command was unnecessarily trapping "No equilibrium found" in rare cases.

ROUTINE termination using the EXIT command was trapping a run-time error.

LS was still sometimes failing to combine point weights and ground points
at the same location due to tiny rounding differences.

Load Editor now identifies WDF water-displaced fuel tanks by magenta color in
the Sounding column (same color as FLOODED tank lines).

DISPLAY STATUS /SYNC risked trapping spurious "Bad filename or number" if
"SHE SANK" occurred during synchronized Condition Graphics (since 18.94 only).

Version 19.00B

FILL, FIXUP, and other commands applying Model Converter were neglecting to
show progress and any warnings on the screen, even though geometry conversion
was otherwise operating properly (since 18.62 only; requires updated MC.EXE).

Version 19.02

DISPLAY and SE commands were redrawing a highlighted component after selecting
a different part using the color appropriate for the new part instead of the
part containing the component (requires updated SE.EXE).

TEMPLATE definitions containing block comments meant to ignore everything
between unquoted "{*" and "*}" were trapping an error.

RA was not always showing the precise GM at Equilibrium when one of the listed
angles was somewhat close to EQU.

MAXVCG sometimes risked terminating below actual maximum VCG occuring where
equilibrium could not be found.

SHELL was truncating the command line to 260 characters (since 18.12B only).

Version 19.04

PRINT was not showing Condition Graphics sounding tube points and Grain Shift
escape points in reports (requires updated PP.EXE).

STABILITY SETUP after CLEAR ALL was sometimes trapping "No such variable"
(since 16.64 only).

WEIGHT REPORT was suppressing print output if no Light Ship weight was defined.

Version 19.06

MAXVCG was still sometimes risking terminating below actual maximum VCG occuring
where equilibrium could not be found (since 18.72 only).

DISPLAY STATUS 3D was trapping a run-time error if any Critical Point number
below the maximum Critical Point number was undefined (requires updated CG.EXE).

Version 19.08

DISPLAY STATUS 3D now supports /NOCRIT to omit showing Critical Points that
were added to 3D views in version 18.80 (requires updated CG.EXE).

DISPLAY STATUS /SPAWN issued from a Load Editor macro was getting confused
with any synchronized LOAD EDIT /CG window instead of spawning a separate
persistent CG display of the present loading condition.

MAXVCG marks any Max VCG value that could go no higher without failing to
find equilibrium despite positive limit values with an asterisk, explained in
the report footer as the very similar situation "Capsized at Max".

Version 19.10

CUSTOM (GHSERIAL) START added support for RS-485 serial communication (instead
of default RS-232 connection interface) using the $INTERFACE RS-485 parameter
(hyphen optional; requires updated GHSERIAL.DLL).

CUSTOM (GHSERIAL) implemented Modbus diagnostic functions to return query data
for slave health heartbeat test and to toggle listen-only mode.

DISPLAY STATUS 3D was applying double effect for TYPE sail transformation
parameters like /MOVE and /SWING (requires updated CG.EXE).

Main program startup was sometimes failing due to premature license expiration,
especially when crossing time zones or managing multiple temporary licenses.

Version 19.12

ADD /LEN and /PLEN parameters may be applied not only after a single weight,
but now also after each of several weights combined with semicolons.

READ forbids spaces in part and component names, advising FIXUP; previously
only the first word before the space was used for the name, risking ambiguity
since auxiliary programs replace space with "_".

FIXUP display warns whenever invalid characters (other than alphanumerics,
"-", "_", and "#") in part and component names are replaced with "_" (requires
updated MC.EXE).

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