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Salvage Engineers


  • Pacific Towing (PNG) Pty. Ltd.* Provides specialist and interrelated services to the marine industry comprising harbour towage and moorings services, terminal and ocean towage, diving, salvage and emergency response services. Papua New, Guinea
  • Fukada Salvage & Marine Works CO., Ltd. Business activities include salvage and rescue, ocean civil construction, offshore constructions, ocean towing, barge transportation, oceanographic research and developments to achieve ever growing technical informations with our repleted facilities and equipment. Tokyo , Japan
  • China Yantai Salvage* China Yantai Salvage is responsible for undertaking the governmental non-profit functions of property salvage, wreck removal, oil spill recovery and etc. in North China Sea, as well as the largest marine salvage and ocean engineering contractor in North China. Yantai, P. R. China
  • POSH SEMCO PTE LTD* POSH SEMCO is the leading Offshore Marine Service and long-tow specialist. It provides niche specialty services like towage and mooring installation of FPSOs.Singapore, Singapore
  • Singapore Technologies Marine Pte Ltd.* Worldwide Marine Salvage, Marine Rescue, Harbour and Underwater Works, Shipping and Ship Repairs, Fabrication and Laying of Ocean Mooring Buoys, Diving Services, Recovery and Repair of Buoys and Resilient Beacons, Ocean Towing and Lashing, General Marine Contractors - 24/7. Singapore, Singapore
  • SMIT International Singapore Pte Ltd* Having operational experience for nearly 170 years, SMIT is an international operating company, offering a wide range of customer focused maritime services. We provide our services in the main to shipping companies, producers in the oil and LNG industries, insurers and governments.Singapore, Singapore
  • Swire Pacific Offshore* Swire Salvage is a dedicated, experienced, well equipped and professional marine salvor capable of managing and responding to maritime emergencies around the world promptly.Singapore, Singapore
  • Canada

  • Cooke Naval Architect Consultants Inc. (CNAC Inc.)* With 25 years experience in design of vessels ranging from rowing boats to 74000 tonne bulk carriers and all types in between. The Principal Naval Architect is a member of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects and the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers and is also a registered engineer in Ontario, Canada and the United Kingdom. Grinbsy, ON, Canada
  • Europe

  • Fairmount Marine BV - NL* Fairmount Marine BV's main activities are long distance ocean towage, with its fleet of five tugs of 205 tonnes bollard pull, the transportation of heavy lifts by semisubmersible barges and the worldwide towage, transportation and salvage activities of Fukada Salvage with its modern fleet of offshore support vessels and floating cranes.Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • Royal Roos* Royal Roos focuses on maritime services and supply of components and assemblies for ships and equipment. Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • Scaldis Salvage & Marine Contractors, N.V. Scaldis'core expertise is in marine civil construction works, oil and gas projects, renewables/environmental works, and heavy lifting in salvage-related works.ANTWERP, Belgium
  • SeaCamel B.V.Maritime Engineering* Seacamel is a Maritime engineering and consultancy company specializing in any type of loading-, discharge-, salvage-, towage-, and transport operation for the maritime, offshore and insurance industries. Seacamel provides hands-on operational experience in combination with specialist design regarding stability calculations, ballast operations and FE analysis with respect to vessels, barges and other floating structures. The Netherlands
  • Smit Salvage BV* A division of SMIT which is involved in Emergency Response, Wreck Removal operations and Environmental Care Services. Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • Steel Mac Ltd.* At SteelMac Limited, our Marine Division is driven by the experience of our dedicated salvage professionals, supported by specialised vessels and equipment. Our full range of engineering facilities and logistics support worldwide, ensures that we can operate effectively at remote locations. It is a SteelMac policy, as a marine contractor, to provide an effective and efficient service based on skill, care and diligence. We always aim to satisfy the expectations and needs of our clients. , Gibralter
  • Svitzer Salvage* SVITZER Salvage provides bunker recovery and removal, argo and engine room re-conditioning cargo recovery and removal, salvage and wreck removal consultancy, emergency and Salvage Response, underwater work, and wreck removal.IJmuiden, The Netherlands
  • TMC Marine* TMC Marine is a leading international marine consultancy, with expertise in Salvage & Wreck Removal, Marine Claims & Accident Investigation, Legal Disputes & Litigation, Inspections & Audits, Design & Engineering Consultancy, Marine Warranty & Offshore Services and Surveys & Inspections. We use GHS in our salvage work, for a range of floating structures and scenarios. Worldwide locations.
  • USA

  • Argonautics Marine Engineering Argonautics Marine Engineering is a marine consulting company specialized in marine heavy-lift transportation. Sausalito,CA
  • Crowley Marine Services, Inc.* A diverse worldwide marine transportation and logistics services company offering services in liner services, logistics, energy support, project management, ocean towing & transport, petroleum and chemical transportaion, fuel sales and distribution, ship assist and escort, salvage and emergency response, vessel construction and naval architecture, and ship management. Jacksonville,FL
  • Global Diving & Salvage, Inc.* Providing the full spectrum of commercial diving services, in-house engineering, and project management. Global is an internationally recognized casualty responder and a leading provider of marine construction and infrastructure support services throughout the US. Seattle, WA
  • JMS Naval Architects and Salvage Engineers Specializing in marine casualty response and OPA90 compliance.GROTON,CT
  • Marine Design Associates Ltd Design consulting and drafting services, to include naval architectural, mechanical and electrical engineering have been provided to all types of vessel, both commercial and Government. Victoria,BC
  • Mike Roth* Marine Repair and Vessel Modeling - Zinc replacement and inspection, bottom inspections, piling inspections, propellor maintenance, marine electronics (radar, navigation systems, AIS, integrated systems), GHS modeling. Certified diving up to 170 feet. Available 24 hours a day on the Olympic Peninsula and Hood Canal area. Washington State, U.S.A. Port Townsend,WA
  • PCCI, Inc.* PCCI specializes in the engineering of equipment, systems and vessels for the heavy lift and salvage of marine cargos. Our field engineering services for salvage operations emphasizes safety and pollution prevention. Alexandria, VA
  • PfitzMar, Inc.* Started in 1978, Pfitzco is licensed to offer the public Professional Engineering and related services with over 100 years of combined experience in Naval Architecture, Marine Engineering, Offshore Engineering, Marine Salvage and other engineering disciplines related to the Marine Arena.Tampa,FL
  • Reed Maritime LLC* US-based Specialty Casualty Representative (SCR) providing salvage services to salvors, owners and underwriters for bid preparation/evaluation, project execution and post-project forensics/arbitration. Services include Project Manager, Salvage Master, Salvage Engineer or SCR/Surveyor. 20+ years of experience using GHS for major salvage and wreck removal projects (
  • Resolve Marine Group* Resolve Marine Group is a multi-faceted marine services group specializing in Marine Salvage, Fire & Hazard Response, and Wreck Removal. Port Everglades,FL
  • Titan Salvage* A Crowley Company that provides worldwide marine salvage, ship wreck removal, marine firefighting, vessel lightering, underwater fuel removal, damage stability, and rapid marine emergency response services for the maritime industry. Pompano Beach,FL

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