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Other Professions
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    Maritime Attorneys

  • Akpinar Law Firm Maritime Attorney with background in marine engineering offers legal counsel for matters involving ship design, construction, operation, repair, and salvage.  
  • Diving Resources

  • Water Welders Educating and resourcing underwater welders, focusing on all aspects of commercial diving and welding.  
  • Shipping Companies

  • Empremar* A Shipping Company based in Chile, specialized in the transportation of Bulks i.e. Salt, Grain, Steel Coils, etc. 
  • Vessel Modeling

  • 3D Measure Company scans vessels to produce 3D model of hull if Naval Architect cannot find plans, or if a boat has been modified and needs a set of as-built lines.  
  • Aero Geometrics Ltd. LIDAR, Z+F Terrestrial Laser Scanning Sales & Services (BIM), UAV Drone Surveys, Remote Sensing, Satellite Imagery, Aerial Photo, Ground Surveys, Hyperspectral Surveys, Digital Mapping, Orthophoto, Digital Terrain Models, 3D Visualization, Volumetric Calculations, GIS.  
  • Mike Roth* Marine Repair and Vessel Modeling - Zinc replacement and inspection, bottom inspections, piling inspections, propellor maintenance, marine electronics (radar, navigation systems, AIS, integrated systems), GHS modeling. Certified diving up to 170 feet. Available 24 hours a day on the Olympic Peninsula and Hood Canal area. Washington State, U.S.A.

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