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Press Releases

January 2021

Second Generation Intact Stability - New IMO Guidelines

February 2018

GHS Adds Seakeeping - Maritime Report Tech Talk Article

January 2018

GHS version 16.00 released

GHS version 16.00 is our most comprehensive and reliable version yet, with many infrastructure, interface, and operational improvements. You can find documentation for all the enhancements online by clicking the “Release 16.00” link at:
Here are some of the new features in GHS version 16.00:
  • SeaKeeping (SK) optional module for integrated hydrodynamic analysis;
  • PFExport wizard converts report files into MS Word and HTML format;
  • GROUND /FLOOR automatically issues ground points relative to seafloor;
  • Part Maker improvements to ROTATE, SHIFT, and ENRICH shapes;
  • HMMT /ARMDRAFT and LIMIT ABS AREA added for new regulations;
  • LS /COLUMN added for Longitudinal Strength report customization;
  • Many new TEMPLATE dialog features including text file edit controls.

As usual, this release includes numerous small improvements and bug fixes that further advance the performance and reliability of the software. Thanks for all of your feedback and suggestions, for you have greatly contributed to these developments. We look forward to working with you this year.