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(New or interesting aspects of GHS that you may not know about)

(Requires GHS version 16.50A or later)

Want to add your vessel profile or plan behind your report plots? Yeah, you can do that... just include /PROFILE or /PLAN on your report command line.

That works for ANY report command whose horizontal axis uses vessel longitudinal coordinates. So of course it works with LS /PROFILE:

...and FL /PROFILE:

... and COMP /SKIN /PLAN:

...and so on.

Starting in version 16.50A, you can even include /PROFILE or /PLAN with any custom plot you cook up using the MESSAGE PLOTSTART command. For /POLAR plots, including a profile view doesn't make much sense but /PLAN is permitted, showing the vessel plan sized to fit the outer polar plot circle and its aft end directed toward angle 0:

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