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While the BOOM command is a convenient means of locating the weights of various crane elements—converting locations you give in crane coordinates into ship coordinates—it is only one step of many needed to completely model a real-world crane.

The Crane Module and specifically the CRANE.WIZCO wizard makes the task of crane modeling relatively easy. It accommodates pedestal-mounted cranes as well as cranes based on the deck, providing several ways of distributing weights for shear and bending calculations. Knuckle booms as well as fixed-angle jibs are handled. Multiple hooks are provided for.

A nice feature of the Crane Module is the manipulation of graphics to give visual verification of load locations.

Here's the opening dialog of CRANE.WIZCO:

The green button brings up the main setup dialog for defining all the relevant details of geometry, weights, and capacity tables:

A separate capacity table for each hook is provided for:

The Crane Module can create a graphical representation of the boom and quite a few other details as well:

Useful output at a particular condition is presented in the Load Editor:

Several stability criteria are available:

Also available is a table showing results over a range of azimuth angles:

For what it's worth, the Crane Module will draw the locus of the hook at a given boom elevation angle:

It's fun to play with the dialogs and try things out. Just in case documentation is needed, the Crane Module manual is available.

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