BHS/YACHT is a complete hydrostatics/stability computer software package applying to vessels which do not carry varying amounts of cargo and which do not require simulation of flooding or stability while damaged.

Derived from GHS, Creative System's widely-used general-purpose system, BHS/YACHT offers many of the same features that have made GHS popular.

With virtually no restrictions on hull form, BHS/YACHT can be used to model multi-hulled vessels, tunneled hulls, etc., as well as conventional forms.

BHS/YACHT is a tool for generating graphs and reports, but it is also a means of simulating and interactively exploring all kinds of hydrostatic conditions. In either mode, it offers timesaving features unavailable elsewhere.

It is flexible with regard to its input and output, yet it presents a simple and intuitive command-oriented interface.

BHS/YACHT comes as a complete package consisting of the modules described below.


Interactive, graphical input of offsets using the keyboard. Includes:

BHSY Main Program

Report Generator

Enhances the output from BHS/Yacht with plots. Completely automatic plot generation.
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