Advanced Features

The Advanced Features (AF) module enables calculations in GHS which are very useful for certain kinds of vessels but are not needed by all GHS users. Functionally, the AF module is smoothly integrated and accessed from the GHS main program.

Intact Stability

Submarines, floating drydocks, and other submersible structures can have low GM phases in a submerging or desubmerging operation. AF addresses this with a table and plot of transverse GM as a function of tank loading, which makes low GM phases easy to spot.

Damage Stability

Implementations of the several versions of IMO probabilistic damage evaluations for cargo and passenger vessels are provided in the AF module. These are complex rules which assign probabilities to various extents of damage and probabilities of survival related to the stability characteristics in flooded conditions. A summation of these probabilities over all survivable extents of damage yields a 'Subdivision Index' which is compared to a minimum requirement for the particular vessel.

The AF module also grants access to the DAMSTAB2 wizard, which guides the process of producing probabilistic damage calculations.

More about the latest probabilistic methods and the DAMSTAB2 wizard.

GHS Training for the Probabilistic Damage Stability Wizard

Hopper Stability

A wizard which performs righting-arm calculations with simultaneous spilling and flooding for hopper-barge vessels. The produced report includes righting-arm curves, and, if the module is present, Condition Graphics.


Creates a bonjean data table.


Measures compliance with MARPOL 73/78 Annex 1 regulation 12A as amended by MEPC.141(54) protecting against oil fuel tank outflow or Annex 1 regulation 23 protecting against oil cargo outflow using probabilistic methods.

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