"I really like the [GLM] program, practical, easy to use and very useful to be able to simulate conditions. ... This program is a real upgrade from anything I have used in the past, I am impressed. The computed draft for a previous condition was spot on with our visual conformation." --Capt. Steve from the F/V Independence bridge, Trident Seafoods

"GHS is the best software of its kind and I think it's probably the best software of any kind in the world. When you deal with as many software packages as I have you come to appreciate the reliability of GHS and the unusual responsiveness of its developers." -- Bud Bronson, Naval Architect

"I must say even after 16 odd years of using GHS, it still does not cease to amaze me in its versatility." --Barry Kingwill, Triton Naval Architects

"The discharge we had with the cargo with bubbles under it went exactly according the calculations. I am very impressed by the program. I know from other parties involved in this transport that they tried to check us with [another] program and that it had so many difficulties that they failed." --Rob Hoekstra, formerly with Dockwise Shipping B.V.

"GHS is head and shoulders above the rest." -- Ken Edgar, Marine Response Consultants

"I use GHS every day and really look forward to doing so. My hat is off to you and your staff for creating and maintaining such a valuable tool." --David Combs, Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Co.

"I have my own list of favored products and vendors, and you've always been on it - a good product that does its intended job, quick response to questions and problems, and an open mind on improvements. What else could a user want?" --Dudley Dawson, Dawson Marine Group

"Although a few of the software packages tested perform many analysis functions beyond simple hydrostatics, GHS is the software package that clearly stands out from the rest. It provides expansive flexibility and scope in every function it performs. It presents results in a clear, professional manner, and provides a much greater graphical output flexibility than any other analysis software tested here. GHS is also capable of analyzing unconventional hull forms, while many other analysis programs cannot. The GHS package received a rating of 'best' for all of the analysis functions performed." --Jennifer L. Kehl, Webb Institute of Naval Architecture, from her thesis, "An evaluation of PC-Based Naval Architectural software."

"GHS is fast becoming the norm among naval architectural offices. I think you will find it superior to any program available." --William Hurley, P.E., The Glosten Associates

"It's a few years (four, I think) since I modeled anything with GHS and it must be ten years since I worked on a submarine model. It's surprising how fast most of the techniques come back -- software that's easy to use and powerful. Thanks again." --David Morris, Ship Systems Engineering, DND, Canada

"Your office seems to be very customer oriented." --Kim Brooks, Eastern Shipbuilding

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