Companion Software

The companies listed below offer software packages which work together with GHS.


Deadweight is a FREE graphical utility for working with GHS geometry files. The software provides 2-D and 3-D views (solid, mesh, wireframe) of GHS geometry files. Exports GHS output to Rhino (3dm) and Autocad (dxf) format.

International Marine Software Associates (IMSA)

IMSA is a group of marine software companies which work together to promote a standard data format for communicating the kinds of data involved in marine software applications. Creative Systems is a member of this group along with the following companies:

Visual Systems Workshop

VSW has created a unique product called Windows Modules for GHS. This is a Windows-based program which works along side of GHS, BHS , augmenting the existing functions and providing a new level of convenience for Windows users.

Rhinoceros 3-D NURBS Modeler

RHINO 3-D is used to model anything from a heart valve to a ship hull. Allows modeling and rendering of objects. With Rhino, you can create free-form curves, surfaces and solids. Export models to .GF (Geometry File) format.

Vacanti Yacht Design Software

PROLINES is a hull development tool based on NURB surfaces. It also provides analysis in the form of wave and friction drag (displacement mode), hydrostatics and intact stability calculations. PROLINES exports numerous cad file formats in addition to reading and exporting .gf1 (GHS) files.

Baseline Technology

The Baseline system includes hull design and fairing software as well as hull measurement services. Output is available in the form of GHS Geometry Files.

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