GHS Version 15.00 Update

New features, changes, and bug fixes since version 14.50

=========== MAJOR NEW FEATURES =========

New Much Faster Solving with Wind Shielding Present

HMMT WIND /BAND solving is now over 20 times faster and slightly more precise than in earlier versions.

New Sequential Tank LOADing Feature

LOAD (tanklist) load /SEQ[:maxload] optional parameter was added to apply the load to the aggregate capacity of all listed tanks, filling each tank no more than maxload loading fraction (default=100%) in sequence until the entire load is used up. All tanks matching a name ending in an asterisk receive equal loading fraction until full. Tanks must be intact or frozen and unprotected; load format must be [*+]fraction, WEight:[*+]n, or VOlume:[*+]n. Sequential unloading is also supported using format *-fraction, WEight:*-n, or VOlume:*-n.

New International Character Support

TEMPLATE dialogs fully support display and input of Unicode text stored in variables, which can be preloaded using READ (DATA) or run files.

TEMPLATE name EDIT fully supports display and input of Unicode text.

LOAD EDIT /BUTTON templates now fully support Unicode characters enclosed between quote marks.

READ (DATA) filespec internally stores data read from ANSI or Unicode files into string variables as exact UTF-8 instead of converting to any close OEM character set counterpart.

READ (DATA) filespec /Ansi and /Unicode optional parameters were added to read using either the ANSI or Unicode UTF-8 character set (instead of OEM). This default is overridden if the file begins with a UTF-16 or UTF-8 byte order mark. Data read using either /A or /U parameters is stored internally as UTF-8 instead of being converted to OEM.

READ, RUN, and other file input commands support Unicode UTF-8 files that begin with the standard 3-character UTF-8 byte order mark.

RUN files starting with a Unicode byte order mark now fully support Unicode characters enclosed between quote marks for use in TEMPLATE dialogs.

COPY file /FROMAnsi and /TOAnsi optional parameters were added to convert from or to ANSI Text Document file type; in particular, /FROMANSI can be used to fix international characters in run files not saved as Unicode or OEM format.

COPY file /FROMUnicode and /TOUnicode optional parameters were added to convert from Unicode run file (safely preserving quoted string data) or to Unicode UTF-8 run file.

New GPS Location Sensor Support

LATITUDE and LONGTUDE system variables were added to return the current latitude and longitude reported by any GPS location sensors enabled in the Location and Other Sensors Control Panel under Windows 7 and 8.

New Internet Download Feature

COPY "url" file was added to download a file from the specified Internet URL (which must begin with "http[s]:" or "ftp:"). If the file cannot be retrieved, the error "Download failed" is trapped.

New ADDed Weight REPORT Feature

ADD REPort command reports the added Fixed Weight distribution to the current output device (or to the screen if none).

New LIMIT and Righting Arm (RA) Features

LIMIT angle RA00 was added for the angle of vanishing absolute righting arm.

RA /AREA and /STOP now support RA00 subparameter for the angle of vanishing absolute righting arm.

VARY AXIS improved RA reporting of deck and flood point immersion.

New Wind Heeling Moment (HMMT) Features

HMMT /H:multiplier optional parameter was added to multiply the heel before cosine and sine operations with /C... parameters. When used with hm90 and hm180 parameters, these refer to moments at 90/multiplier and 180/multiplier degrees.

HMMT WIND hm90 [,hm180] optional parameters were added to specify the fixed ratio of moment at 90° and 180° to wind-derived moment at 0° for use with /C... parameters, now including /CS, The semi-submersible rig formula hm=wind0*(1+0.7*(1-cos^2(2*heel))) can therefore be implemented using the command HMMT WIND 1.7 1 /C2 /H:2.

HMMT REPORT now shows heeling for all subtotal lines directed to port or starboard so that Total Heeling Moment in that direction will be positive.

New Liquid Transfer Wizard Feature

Liquid Transfer wizard was added for describing and analyzing a series of liquid loading changes. The wizard provides a dialog form for creating a series of transfer steps, each describing a single liquid transfer operation. This can be accessed from the Wizard menu or by entering RUN XFER.WIZCO.

New Oil Outflow Advanced Features (AF)

OUTFLOW more effectively tops off outflow from side damage at deck edge height, which now is required to be defined for at least one displacer component (otherwise outflow could be exaggerated for tanks adjoining a cambered deck without an identified edge).

OUTFLOW now uses the midship /DEPTH parameter to define the upper extent of the side shell when calculating its distance from tanks, improves deck edge interpolation, only considers the hull part when calculating default values for /LENGTH and /DEPTH, and requires that the hull part intersects with the entire tank list and is marked with a deck edge at midship.

New Condition Graphics (CG) Features

DISPLAY STATUS /ALIGNbody optional parameter was added to align waterlines of all BODY views on each row. Despite the resulting continuous waterline, these aligned body cuts remain normal to the vessel baseplane, not to the waterplane.

DISPLAY STATUS PLAN @slice:BELOW and PROFILE @slice:BEYOND were improved to avoid covering up interior tanks revealed at the slice location.

DISPLAY STATUS now shades negative ground point marks from bright green (for points with the greatest reaction force) down to dark gray (for no reaction), the same way that normal positive ground points are shaded.

DISPLAY STATUS now ensures that ground point triangle marks for insignificant but non-zero reaction forces are colored dark gray, even when any other ground reactions on the vessel are similarly tiny.

New GHS Integration Via COM (GHSCOM) Features

GHSCOM now supports 64-bit applications.

New Load Editor with Windows (LEw) Features

LOAD EDIT /LS [:Torque] optional subparameter was added to automatically display updated "TOR%" torque limit percentage value (in yellow if greater than 94%, and red if greater than 100%) along with the LS limit information (which is abbreviated if the :Both subparameter is also present) in LEw.

Load Editor headlight for "WIND" now shows the whole number wind speed in knots; the main program header also shows the wind speed if no HOG, SAG, or WAVE.

Load Editor precision of Sounding column values was increased.

New Longitudinal Strength (LS) Features

LS /CURVE: [Weight] [Buoyancy] [Shear] [Moment] optional parameter was added to show only the selected plot curve categories (with any others such as shear correction and moment limits omitted if past 6 total curves).

LS /NOWARN parameter was added to suppress reporting "Deflection removed" when subsequent waterplane changes implicitly remove any deflection retained after completion of the LS operation. Note that explicit DEFLECT and DRAFT commands (or LS without /NOWARN) resume warning about deflection removal.

LOAD EDIT /LS [:Torque] optional subparameter added (see New Load Editor with Windows (LEw) Features).

TORQUE report now shows any LSLIM TITLE in its summary and plot heading.

New Model Converter (MC) Features

MC file.IN and file.TPF imports have improved error reporting.

MC file.SH2 imports now warn "Missing stations" for any surface-based Volume spaces that do not provide component Station data.

New Part Maker (PM) and Geometry File Features

ENTER PM supports MACRO and TEMPLATE commands similar to the main program.

ENTER PM statement CELBow (n) l1,t1,v1, l2,t2,v2, diameter, insideparams was added to draw a constant-diameter pipe elbow between circular end surfaces centered at points l1,t1,v1 and l2,t2,v2. The insideparams can take two forms, either (1) l3,t3,v3 giving any point along the circular centerline between the two end points, or (2) radius,angle giving the radius of the circular centerline (negative if arc angle between the end points is greater than 180°) and clockwise rotation angle of the circle's center point around the line from the first to second end point starting horizontally outward from their midpoint using right-handed orientation (or if l1=l2 and t1=t2, then clockwise from aft if v1°v2 or from forward if v1>v2).

ENTER PM statement PERM now supports permeability factors up to 1.1.

ENTER PM now supports lowercase names when surrounded by quotes; note that combined part\component specifications need to be separately quoted, as in part\"comp".

Auxiliary programs increased maximum number of components per part from 255 to 511.

READ now tolerates trailing whitespace and Tab characters in geometry file lines, similar to Section Editor and other auxiliary programs.

New Sensor Interface (SI) and Tank Gauging Features

CUSTOM (GHSERIAL) START added Modbus master/client support over TCP/IP Ethernet connections using new $TYPE "Modbus TCP" and $PORT n.n.n.n[:port] specifying the slave/server IP address and optional port number, which defaults to the standard Modbus port 502. Modbus TCP slave/server is also supported.

CUSTOM (GHSERIAL) START added Modbus master support over serial connections when $SLAVE parameter is set to the negative value of the partner slave ID. Parameters $INMIN and $INMAX were added to specify the record ID range queried every $TIMEOUT seconds when communicating as a Modbus master.

CUSTOM (GHSERIAL) READ listindex varname [extravar1]... supports extra variable names that are read using the record ID for listindex divided by new $READDIVn parameter after adding the corresponding $READPLUSn parameter. This allows separate ranges of record IDs used for different kinds of data for the same tanks (such as load levels separated from density values) to have different batch sizes, so the mapping between separate index ranges is the linear function y=(x+$READPLUSn)/$READDIVn.

CUSTOM (GHSERIAL) WRITE listindex value [extravalue1]... supports extra values that are written to the record ID for listindex added to corresponding $WRITEPLUSn parameter then divided by any $WRITEDIVn factor.

CUSTOM (GHSERIAL) WRITE listindex value now divides the indexed record ID (plus any $WRITEPLUS offset) by new $WRITEDIV parameter to determine the ID to write and transmit.

New Tank Soundings (TS) Features

TS /NOBreak optional parameter was added to suppress inserting moment details on otherwise blank lines at any breakpoints detected in the volume vs sounding curve (in format 3, 4, and 6 only).

TS /ULLage: TOP|TUBE|REF optional subparameters were added to specify whether ullages are taken from the top of tank (default), top of sounding tube, or tank references point.

TS /ULLAGE is now available for all table formats, replacing soundings with ullages in formats 1 & 3, and replacing the VOLUME CUBIC FT/M. column with an ULLAGE column next to SOUNDINGs in formats 4 & 6.

TS and TC improved precision when determining a tank's maximum sounding level.

New Dialog Box (TEMPLATE) Features

TEMPLATE field CHECK and RADIO text now support the /BOLD, /ITALic, and /Underline parameters.

TEMPLATE field EXPAND now supports nested IF commands and undeclared variables in conditionally unexecuted phrases.

TEMPLATE input fields support the /Persist:Refresh parameter in conjunction with the /Apply[:macro] parameter to fully reload, resize, and refresh the dialog box after applying input changes and executing any apply macro.

TEMPLATE variable edit input fields support /READonly parameter to display a variable value but prevent it from being edited. Unlike the /Gray parameter, a read-only field is not grayed-out, various color options are possible using the /Color and /Backcolor parameters, and its text can be selected for copying to the clipboard.

TEMPLATE variable edit input fields support Ctrl-A to select all text.

TEMPLATE name /NOKey optional parameter was added to suppress automatic underlined keyboard shortcuts for the named template; any desired shortcuts can still be added manually to labels by preceding the hotkey character with an underscore ("_").

TEMPLATE name /SIZE:-pixelheight was added to set the dialog font size to the specified pixel height.

TEMPLATE /REFRESH now refreshes static and button images along with variable values and colors.

TEMPLATE and MACRO names are no longer limited to 31 characters long.

New System Variables and Other VARIABLE Features

ERRMSG system variable was added to return the most recent error message.

LATITUDE and LONGTUDE system variables were added (see New GPS Location Sensor Support section above).

LINELEFT system variable was added to return the number of lines remaining on the current print page.

WRITE (Variables) filespec /NORANge optional parameter was added to omit writing any minimum and maximum range values.

New Improved Error Reporting Features

Error reports for nearly all "Value out of range" conditions now explain the precise range limit that was exceeded.

SOLVE now traps "Unable to solve for depth - check your geometry file" instead of "DELTA FAULT TYPE 7" in cases where depth solution is impossible due to geometry modeling errors such as large flooded tanks outside the hull.

MAXVCG and SOLVE MAXVCG show more explanatory "ANGLES given do not include equilibrium" error message in this case, rather than indicating that no VCG could be found above the minimum.

RA /LIM /FSM improved the "Roll angle must be first" error message to recommend ROLL /FSM in this case.

======= Minor New Features =======

DISPLAY command supports F1 to view its own stand-alone help guide.

DISPLAY now initially shows the current UNITS instead of the geometry file units.

ENTER program /DIRECT optional parameter was added to send subsequent commands until QUit directly to the external program, without variable or macro expansions.

ENTER program /HIDE causes the executed program to be invisible, the same as for SHELL /HIDE; beware that the program will be left hanging if it requires any user input.

GROUND /PENetration:pen[,maxpen] parameter supports "*" and "*+n" and "*-n" formats to default to or offset from the current penetration values (matching formats already available for reaction force and center location parameters).

HELP can now search for any text copied and pasted into the "String to find" dialog, including special symbols.

MESSAGE PLOTLABEL "axisX[|axisY]", "labelY1",... allows optional vertical axis label to be included after "|" in the first label parameter. If not present, the vertical axis is labeled "labelY1" if there are only two columns, else "General Scale" (the same as in previous versions).

MESSAGE PLOTSTYLE added new style "P" to draw isolated plot points with no connecting curves between them.

RUN [filespec] /CALL:. is supported to activate the global namespace module.

SE supports Ctrl-Shift-D to toggle "DK" deck edge code for the present point.

STATUS INERTIA footnote now warns "Lightship inertia missing" if lightship inertia around its own CG has never been assigned using WEIGHT /BOX or /GYRADIUS parameters.

TYPE PRESS /HEAD:height and DECK /HW:height no longer restrict height to 100'.

WAIT [n] command periodically executes any IDLE macro while waiting.

WATER OFF resets the specific gravity of the water environment to zero, so that it will be set to match displacer parts in the next READ geometry file. (WATER OFF is only permitted when there is no current vessel geometry, otherwise "Please CLEAR first" is trapped.)

WEIGHT REPORT /ALL optional parameter was add to report and plot all fixed weights, not just the Light Ship distribution.

WEIGHT REPORT now includes "+" and "*+" prefixed items that are closely associated with the Light Ship even without the /ALL parameter.

======= Bug Fixes =======

ADD and GROUND warnings were sometimes overflowing the end of the page.

ADD command was not allowing items described as "DELTA" or "RAT" to use the DELTA or RAT alternatives for the weight parameter.

CC and MAXVCG plots were not displaying the angle degree mark correctly under certain international localization settings.

CLEAR was not trapping any bad parameters on the command line.

COMP /VOLUME and /TONNAGE reports were truncating 14-character component names.

COMPONENT /VOL report was preceded by a superfluous extra blank line when starting a new page (since version 9.08 only).

CONTENTS can no longer trap "Substance is disabled" for online tanks.

COPY file /CODE was corrupting non-text files, but now traps "Failed to code binary file" while preserving original contents.

CRANE module was thrashing Load Editor with continual solve or neglecting to update the Capacity% in the CRANE DATA box after retrieving a filed condition in rare case.

DAMSTAB was sometimes mishandling user assigned damage layers Ii, Uj from the DIVISION command.

DAMSTAB was sometimes unnecessarily trapping "No compartments to flood" for a single flooded division in a multiple division case.

Damage Stability wizard was trapping an "invalid location" run-time error in rare cases.

DEFLECT was not always setting the correct deflection when a WAVE was present.

DISPLAY command Name was incorrectly offering to create unrecognized names.

DISPLAY STATUS /SYNC repeated on especially slow or overloaded computer systems was sometimes cloning superfluous Condition Graphics windows.

DISPLAY STATUS /SYNC was not always showing any critical points added after synchronized Condition Graphics started.

DISPLAY STATUS /SYNC was sometimes hanging if the Condition Graphic window was closed using the title bar "X" button.

DISPLAY STATUS PROFILE:WITHSAILS and SCREEN LOGO watermark image were not always showing zero-thickness centerline sails correctly.

DISPLAY STATUS body views with vertically-separated tank lobes were sometimes incorrectly coloring above an internal waterline that falls within the gap between lobes.

DISPLAY STATUS rows with multiple body views were sometimes leaving unused space at the end and truncating significant location information in view titles.

DISPLAY STATUS was showing distorted deck edge lines near BODY view locations in rare cases (since 14.36E only).

DISPLAY STATUS was sometimes incorrectly coloring tanks with multiple disconnected lobes above the internal waterline (since 14.36D only).

DISPLAY STATUS with /SYNC or /SPAWN was putting Condition Graphics off the screen if the main program was minimized.

ENTER PM command COMPonent was failing to initialize DIAMETERS needed by the CYLINDER command.

ENTER PM command FILL no longer affects any non-DK line codes present in the original geometry file (since 14.26G only).

ENTER PM statement ELBOW (n) no longer risks "invalid location" exception for very large number of points n along the pipe diameter or misdraws unusual sections involving multiple disjoint lobes.

ENTER PM statement FIT no longer affects any non-DK line codes present in the component being fitted to (since 14.26G only).

ENTER PM statement FIT was not fitting correctly to centerline components composed of disconnected lobes.

ENTER PM statement JOIN was failing in rare cases where the current component was formed by a previous JOIN between two disjoint adjacent components with very closely spaced stations at the joining.

ENTER PM statement SHELL was incorrectly shrinking non-centerline stations in rare cases with rectangular shapes having only two points on the bottom.

ENTER PM was creating distorted deck edge lines in rare cases (since 14.36E only).

ERROR setting -2 was not waiting to continue in rare cases.

ERROR system variable setting -2 was not waiting for confirmation before continuing (since 14.12C only).

HEEL 180 with non-zero AXIS was inverting height values (since 10.28C only).

HMMT TANK was sometimes producing inconsistent results with port side heeling (since 7.16 only).

HMMT WIND /BAND /COMBINE was sometimes giving incorrect results when overlapping sails have different effectiveness factors (since 11.96 only).

HMMT hm1 @ ang1, ... hmN @ angN was sometimes producing inconsistent results when both positive and negative moment values were present in the list (since 10.36 only).

IF testing of quoted negative numbers was not correctly comparing them character-by-character (since 13.68A only).

LIMIT ANG FROM EQU TO FLD OR TFLD no longer returns LARGE instead of the actual TIGHT point margin in cases where only TIGHT points but no normal downflooding points were submerged.

LIMIT ANG FROM EQU TO FLD when running an old SAVE file was sometimes failing to turn off FLD OR TFLD for the same limit number; likewise LIMIT RASR from a SAVE file was failing to restore the angle RANGE.

Load Editor function key operation sometimes experienced interference with specific variable assignments in rare cases (since 7.04R only).

Load Editor spreadsheet was sometimes temporarily misformatted after returning from a macro that both appends a read geometry file and fills up the spreadsheet with output lines.

Load Editor was not ensuring that its header immediately reflected any weight changes made inside macros before returning to LE. DISPLAY STATUS /UPDATE inside macros now completely updates the LE header includes FSA and GMT values. Note these LE header refreshes are still suppressed when loading by sounding.

LOAD FLOWC was sometimes progressively overloading when flowing from a tank specified by CRTPT /INSIDE instead of flooding from the external environment.

LOAD STATUS /NOHEAD was not correctly continuing to next page on overflow.

LOAD STATUS and TSOUND system variable were giving soundings values at sounding tube tops rather than tank tops for fully-loaded tanks.

LS was sometimes computing deflection without completing depth solving.

MESSAGE REPORT custom plots following another report plot without a PAGE break were misformatting subsequent NOTEs into a headerless page.

Machine ID security is no longer affected by the presence of multiple transient Ethernet connections.

Machine ID security was sometimes incorrectly trapping "Hardware Lock required" using Windows 10.

Main and auxiliary programs no longer experience rare "expression out of bounds" run-time errors while freeing unused memory.

MAXVCG and SOLVE MAXVCG were sometimes failing when RISE limits were present (since 14.34A only).

MAXVCG was sometimes failing when ANGLE limits were present with second angle encountered before DI or FB third angle (since 14.34A only).

Menu Report->Setup printer->Font was sometimes trapping an "invalid location" run-time error when used repeatedly.

PAGE 99% was not skipping to the next page following a plotted report whose table completely filled its page; now a subsequent NOTE would be sent to a new page even without first doing PAGE 99%.

PULL and THRUST calculations were ignoring vertical moment contributions when their net vertical force was precisely zero, causing Longitudinal Strength computations to trap "WEIGHT CENTER DISCREPANCY" errors.

PRINT /PREVIEW /FONT:"Courier" was sometimes causing errors showing plots in landscape mode.

PRINT for RA reports was trapping "must be monotonic" in rare cases where extra heel angles past the specified angle list exceeded 180 degrees.

PRINT no longer risks trapping "invalid location" exception for extremely large lines per page set by PRINT CONFIGURE /L:lines.

PRINT was sometimes failing to show large NOTE images on older systems.

RA /AREA:intervals was not always reporting consistent MAX angle area information for curves having multiple maximum RA peaks when /FIRSTMAX parameter is not present.

RA /FSM no longer warns that "tank loads were NOT ALLOWED to shift" when no tanks are loaded, instead noting that "No tank loads are present".

RA /FSM or /TRUEFSM or /EXTRAFSM now traps "Not allowed while MB is active" rather than silently ignoring any FSM parameter during interactions. REPORT /BOX:COLOR|BW fancy COMP /VOLUME and /TONNAGE reports were sometimes misformatting or trapping "not enough cells on line" when component names longer than 12 characters were present.

RA /LIM no longer reports UNDEF instead of a negative value for RISE limit when absolute righting arm at equilibrium is negative.

RA /LIM no longer traps "No heeling moment present" if ABSOLUTE RATIO or RAR limits are defined with HMMT OFF so long as some THRUST or PULL forces are present (since 14.30E only).

RA limits were sometimes taking EQU angle areas at the previous heel angle.

RA limits were sometimes taking FLD and RA0 areas at the previous heel angle.

RA plots were sometimes mislocating the freeboard label (since 14.42B only).

RA report footer was showing the sign reversed on the cosine term for angle greater than 90° when HMMT included a hm180 parameter; also, only a single formula is now shown when it is the same both below and above 90°.

RA report was repeating the final angle multiple times in rare cases with flood point height discontinuity.

RA reports were sometimes showing tiny non-zero Residual Arm in Heel at equilibrium (since 14.24B only).

RA reports were underestimating area under the heeling arm curve (used by the ABSOLUTE RATIO limit) in rare cases when the heel angle increment exceeds 2.5 deg (since 10.58 only).

RA reports with varying AXIS were incorrectly trapping "must be monotonic" when printed in rare cases.

RA was sometimes detecting spurious local maximum righting arm angles when proceeding in the portside direction (since 14.22 only).

READ (DATA) varname no longer traps "Read non-numeric data" when reading empty data into a non-STRING type variable.

READ of a geometry file containing lengthy comments was sometimes causing the program to wait for a key to be pressed even when minimized or hidden.

REPORT /BOX:COLOR|BW fancy TC reports were sometimes misformatting lines with foot-inch-decimal sounding value adjoining a full 1.000 load.

REPORT /BOX:COLOR|BW fancy reports with numbers separated by a single space on continued pages were sometimes trapping "not enough cells on line".

Report header positioning removed a customer-specific hack (since 10.56C only).

Roaming_License.wiz was sometimes failing to check out roaming NETPlus licenses for longer than 30 days.

SE and DISPLAY were incorrectly drawing deck edge lines continuously across stations not having any DK code (since 10.28B only).

SE key command Ctrl-F2 was not always displaying "Key Editing Mode".

SE was incorrectly centering vessels having more breadth than length.

SET keyword ITEM no longer risks trapping "expression out of bounds" exception when the item list number is missing and the following string is a series of large numbers.

SOLVE MAXVCG was sometimes increasing VCG endlessly in rare cases where trim was exceeding 90 degrees during the preliminary solving process.

SOLVE SECONDARY was waiting for a connection even without the /WAIT parameter (since 14.20 only).

TEMPLATE /FILE was not writing the off-screen portion of scrolled dialog boxes.

TEMPLATE dialog boxes without any input fields were sometimes trapping an "invalid location" run-time error when zooming in or out (using Ctrl key with the mouse wheel or other methods).

TEMPLATE field "ok" "cancel" EXIT was sometimes misformatted after a BREAK.

TEMPLATE field EXPAND was failing at the very end of a template definition if it involved continue lines ending in "|".

TEMPLATE field EXPAND was incorrectly doubling any underline characters ("_") retrieved from variables within quotes (since 10.84E only).

TEMPLATE name /SIZE:multiplier was not setting the dialog font size to the specified area multiplier of the SMALL menu character size (since 13.76C only).

TEMPLATE parameter /BOLD was not always allowing enough space to avoid truncation.

TEMPLATE solo text fields were ignoring /RRight and /RCenter parameters.

TMMT REPORT was not reporting trimming moment to any output file unless some pull force was present.

TS report headers were sometimes not showing the correct total number of pages.

TS report headers incorrectly stated "Ullages taken from top of sounding tube" for tubes extending above the tank top.

TS /ULLAGE was sometimes omitting the initial zero-sounding report line to ensure the final zero-ullage line appeared, but this no longer occurs when ullages are taken from above the tank top (since zero ullage would never be reached in any case).

TS /VOLUME:unit was sometimes not reaching tank tops for large volume units like Cubic Meters.

VARIABLE {name:n} replacement for n decimal places was not always rounding up absolute value when the truncated part after the nth place was the digit "5" (since 13.54B only).

WEIGHT /GYRADIUS and /BOX parameters were failing for extremely long command lines.

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