GHS Version 13.00 Update

New features, changes, and bug fixes since version 12.50

=========== MAJOR NEW FEATURES =========

Faster Performance Using Multiple Processors

SOLVE, MAXVCG, etc. make use of parallel threads to run faster on machines with multiple physical processors. Typical speedups are 20-30% on dual-core and 40% on quad-core machines, with the greatest effect on vessels dominated by parts with many stations (like the hull), and little effect when numerous slack tanks are present. Even faster processing speed can be achieved using SCREEN NOHEAD and SCREEN MIN to minimize screen updates.

New Vessel Profile Watermark on Plots Feature

FL, LS, and TORQUE commands added /PROfile parameter to include the vessel profile on plots.

COMP /SECTIONS and COMP /SKIN added /PROfile parameter to include the component profile on area and girth plots.

New Light Ship WEIGHT Report with Vessel Profile Feature

WEIGHT REPort [/PROfile] was added to report and plot the Light Ship weight distribution, optionally including the vessel profile on the plot (requires the LS module).

New Knuckle-Boom Crane Support and Other CRANE Features

CRANE module added support for knuckle-boom cranes, as follows: 1) If the jib length is greater than half of the main boom length it is considered to be a knuckle boom; 2) In knuckle-boom mode the knuckle angle is determined automatically whenever the elevation is changed either directly or via the radius; 3) The jib angle can be set directly even when in knuckle-boom mode; 4) If the BOOMJIB variable is defined by the user and its value set to 3, LEw /CRANE replaces the "Jib Angle" field with a "Knuckle Angle" field in the Crane Input box, where Knuckle Angle is defined as 180 - Jib Angle.

LOAD EDIT /CRANE now resets elevation angle when double-valued to the solution closest to the previous value (or the greater solution if no previous value).

LOAD EDIT /CRANE improved accuracy when computing Effective Radius shown in the "CRANE DATA" box using new crane base height variable BOOMBASZ for the CRANE module.

New MAXVCG Features

MAXVCG /ID:"source" parameter was added to identify the source of particular maximum VCG results when making a series of MAXVCG /COMPOSITE runs. The MAXVCG /LOOKUP report includes a "Source" column if any of the MAXVCG runs making up the composite report included the /ID parameter.

MAXVCG /EXTERNAL:file commands can now also read source IDs from the external file by including them after the corresponding VCG values in data lines.

New LOAD FLOWC Features

LOAD FLOWC[:ct] replaced the old LOAD FLow[:ct] command, which was not taking the square root of the net Head at the opening location. Using the abbreviated variant LOAD FLOW now traps "Illegal command - use LOAD FLOWC" so run files won't break without warning and the time constant can be adjusted appropriately.

LOAD FLOWC[:ct] behavior was improved to prevent unrealistic trickle flow or back flow for full tanks.

LOAD FLOWC:ct [MINute] optional parameter was added to take ct as the number of minutes per flow step. The MINUTE option handles this conversion by multiplying ct by 60 seconds per minute times the Bernoulli head coefficient square root of 2 times the gravitational acceleration, namely 481.3 (which in metric units is 265.7 times the square root of 3.28 feet per meter because the formula takes the square root of the head in feet). LOAD FLOWC without a ct value now defaults to 1 MINUTE.

New Part Maker (PM) and Vessel Geometry Features

ENTER PM added ELBow [(n)] = l,t,v, diameter,radius, arc1,arc2 [,heel,trim] statement to generate a constant-diameter pipe elbow whose centerline is at the given radius around center point (l,t,v), sweeping from arc1 through arc2 angles. Hence the centerline is at (l+radius*cos(arc),t+radius*sin(arc),v); this plane can optionally be rotated (heeled & trimmed) about the center point. The optional (n) parameter specifies the number of points generated along the pipe diameter (the default is 20), with this point density applied throughout the elbow surface.

ENTER PM added KLOCus statement, which can be used instead of LOCUS to indicate the section is to be considered a knuckle for purposes of section interpolation, so that all longitudinal lines are assumed to break at that section. Note that only program versions 12.66A or later are able to read geometry files containing knuckle sections.

ENTER PM /ABS parameter was added to force linear interpolation of stations to emphasize compatibility with old American Bureau of Shipping models; this is now the default mode for ABS's in-house use even without /ABS being present. ENTER PM /-ABS parameter was added to force regular higher-order interpolation. These same parameters and default behavior are shared by all other auxiliary programs, including those like MC and SE that are run using self-named commands instead of through the ENTER command.

ENTER PM added commands for declaring and setting geometry variables: 1) REAL name `declares a real number variable name; 2) STR name `declares a string variable name; 3) SET name = value `sets variable value (enclosed in quotes for strings).

ENTER PM command WRITE outputs geometry variables as miscellaneous-information lines (ignored by earlier program versions) using the formats: 1) >REAL name=value 2) >STR name="value"

READ command stores geometry variables in the GF module namespace (so the geometry variable named X would have its value accessible in GF.X).

ENTER PM added WRITE file /SECURE parameter to securely encode the output geometry file so that it cannot be modified.

ENTER PM increased maximum transverse and vertical offsets to 999 feet or 304 meters.

ENTER PM has improved station filling and interpolation, including use of linear interpolation where necessary.

ENTER PM has improved the JOIN statement for certain shapes and includes error messages for illegal JOINs.

New Free Surface (FSMMT) and Heeling Moment (HMMT) Features

FSMMT /BOTHsides parameter was added to cause the calculation for PRESENT and [V]MAX functions to be done at both the current heel angle and the opposite-side heel angle, with the greater value being assigned to the function.

FSMMT [V]MAX precision was greatly improved.

HMMT hm|WIND /CC:c parameter was added to multiply the heeling moment by the cosine-constant factor (1-c) + c*cos(heel) where 0 < c < 1.

New Condition Graphics (CG) Features

DISPLAY STATUS /SYNC was enhanced to automatically synchronize Condition Graphics with any program changes, not just those taking place with Load Editor (so DISPLAY STATUS /UPDATE is generally no longer needed).

DISPLAY STATUS /SUSPEND and /RESUME parameters were added to suspend and resume automatic Condition Graphics synchronization after DISPLAY STATUS /SYNC. Note macros called from Load Editor always start with synchronization suspended, but can be resumed during macro execution using DISPLAY STATUS /RESUME.

DISPLAY STATUS PLAN:LOAD:f1[,f2] subparameter was added to omit waterplane shading on the plan view for intact tanks with load fraction less than f1 or greater than f2 (default f2=1.0).

DISPLAY STATUS /TITLE:"text" optional parameter was added to specify title text to replace of the waterplane information normally appearing as the top line of Condition Graphics.

DISPLAY STATUS /FRAme optional parameter was added to label each BODY view matching a frame location from the geometry file's frame data structure using its corresponding frame description. Quoted frame descriptions may also be used in place of BODY view frame locations on the DISPLAY STATUS command line (for example, DI STATUS BODY @"FR+100" @"FR0" @ "FR-100").

DISPLAY STATUS now shows negative ground points as inverted triangles and unpenetrating zero-force ground points in grey.

DISPLAY STATUS now supports wave effects for flooded and damaged tanks in body view.

New Load Editor (LE & LEw) Features

LOAD EDIT /NOOIL parameter was added to disable the option to change to oil contents by right-clicking in the Contents column.

ADD /FREEVcg parameter can now be used as /FREE to allow any CG location (not just VCG) to be changed in Load Editor even when /FIX or /MAX appears.

LOAD EDIT /BULK now prevents general cargo tanks from being changed to a different tank contents, instead changing the specific gravity as if these tanks were changed to the requested contents but then were immediately restored to general cargo.

LE Tanks Sounding column no longer accepts input when the current tank does not have a modeled sounding line.

LEw Tab and Shift-Tab keys with the "Crane Input" or "Heeling Moment Input" box active now cycle through the input fields instead of changing the spreadsheet mode.

LEw scroll bar and scroll wheel now work in the spreadsheet area even when the "Crane Input" or "Heeling Moment Input" box is selected.

LEw supports Ctrl-B hotkey to cycle between the spreadsheet and any input boxes.

New Modbus and Text File Communication Features

CUSTOM (GHSERIAL) START added standard Modbus serial line support for receiving broadcast data sent using function code 16 in RTU transmission mode, along with these additional configuration parameters: (1) $SCALE[n] factor - scale factor for nth field data (default n=DEFFIELD); (2) $SLAVE id - responding slave ID (default 0=broadcast; <0=-master's slave); (3) $MAXGAP seconds - maximum interval gap between characters in a packet; (4) $MAXIDLE seconds - maximum idle time before clearing unfinished packet.

CUSTOM (GHSERIAL) START supports Modbus slave response feedback to data packets received with function code 16 when positive $SLAVE id is configured.

CUSTOM (GHSERIAL) START supports "$TYPE TEXTFILE" to use the text file specified by the $PORT parameter instead of a serial port for communications. Fields on each record line are Comma-Separated Values (CSV) unless $SEPCHARS are specified; surrounding spaces are trimmed only if included in $SEPCHARS.

New Long File Name Features

Long file names are now shown everywhere by default.

SPECial SHORTNAME [ON] was added to enable automatic conversion of long file name paths to the short name without spaces for backward compatibility. SPECial SHORTNAME OFF restores the default long file name mode.

File paths given in UNC format (i.e. \\server\path\file) were sometimes trapping "Path/file access error", which is now avoided by automatic translation to drive-based format (i.e. drive:\path\file) whenever possible.

Programs started with target or working directory locations specfied in UNC format (i.e. \\server\path\file) can now open properly by automatically translating to drive-based format (i.e. drive:\path\file) whenever a drive letter has been defined for these locations.

New Preliminary International Character Set Features

International character sets for many languages are now transparently supported throughout the system, including keyboard input, file input, screen display, template dialogs, report printing, file viewing, etc. Most languages that require up to one hundred special characters (beyond the standard ASCII set) should be fully supported. Special characters can be used in NOTEs, MESSAGEs, TEMPLATEs, file specs, footer text, item descriptions, and many other places. Run files containing special characters should be saved as text in either the 16-bit Unicode UTF-16 character set ("Unicode Text Document" type in WordPad) or 8-bit non-Unicode character set ("Text Document - MS-DOS format" in WordPad) for backward compatibility.

New SCREEN Display Features

SCREEN NORM /SIZE:hpct|*[,wpct] /POS[:pos] optional parameters were added. If /SIZE is included, the window is resized to the specified percentages of the screen height (*=current height) and optionally screen width. If /POS is included, the window is repositioned to the screen TOP, BOTTOM, LEFT, or RIGHT, which may be combined to specify corners (e.g. /POS:TOPLEFT; default=center).

Screen green color was brightened slightly for improved legibility on black backgrounds.

Program windows resized to at least 1280 pixel width now use a much smoother character font.

New PRINT Features

PRINT /PREVIEW added a scrollbar for the page location within a document. The visibility of the scrollbar can be toggled by pressing the "V" key or selecting from the right-click menu. Pages can be turned using a scroll wheel even when the scrollbar is invisible.

PRINT /EMAIL and COPY file1.PF file2.PPF /CONVERT commands now write a Public Print File (PPF) with any footers, images, etc. embedded into a single file.

PRINT filename.PPF for Public Print Files containing large embedded images runs much more quickly.

PRINT /Thick[:thickness] now only specifies the thickness of graph lines with no effect on boldness of text and box lines, which can be independently increased by including the new PRINT /BOLD parameter.

PRINT /Thick:t[:ct] optional subparameter was added to specify the thickness ct of plotted curves if that differs from the thickness t of other graph lines. The default thickness is now /Thick:1:2 for improved readability.

New REPORT Features

PAGE [number] /PREFIX:code was added to prefix page numbers with up to two character codes in report headers.

MESSAGE PLOTSTART custom plots reverse the order of the independent scale if its PLOTLABEL contains "Aft" followed by "<-" followed by "->" (for example, "Aft <-- Longitudinal Location --> Fwd").

MESSAGE REPSTART now formats any first line starting and ending with (but otherwise not containing) "---" as a title line, thereby providing better compatibility with non-fancy boxed reports. A subsequent line containing "No trim" or "No heel" is now treated as a parameter line.

New VIEW and HELP Search Features

VIEW file /FIND[CASE][WORD]:"pattern" parameter was added to find and highlight the specified pattern when the viewed file is opened. If optional CASE is included, the search is case sensitive. If optional WORD is included, the search only matches on whole words. These options can also be toggled for searches started within the viewer from its right-click menu (which also works within the HELP viewer).

VIEW and HELP text finding for space-separated words now matches if wrapped around lines.

New Dialog Box (TEMPLATE) Features

TEMPLATE /BOK parameter now also applies to variable and PARTS drop-down lists to allow blank field entry.

TEMPLATE /BOK parameter now includes a blank choice at the top when used with variable and PARTS drop-down lists.

TEMPLATE /POS:BASE parameter also causes subtemplates to inherit any /SIZE, /GAP, and /FONT settings as defaults.

New System Variables and Other VARIABLE features

GFLONG system variable was added to return the long file specification of the current geometry file surrounded by quotes (or a comma-separated list if multiple geometry files were read). Note the GF system variable continues to return the capitalized short file name form without quotes.

HCP2 system variable was added to return the height of the above-water lateral plane center.

PATHHERE system variable was added to return the absolute path to the current directory.

RAT system variable was added to return the total righting arm in trim (may be undefined if a SOLVE is needed).

RPINSIDE system variable was added to return the closest horizontal distance from the reference points of all selected parts to the port or starboard hull shell (defined as the most extreme surface of all displacer components).

RPUPBOT system variable was added to return the closest vertical distance from the references points of all selected parts down to the bottom hull shell.

SPGR system variable was enhanced to return the average specific gravity when multiple tanks are selected (only returning undefined if all selected tanks are empty but do not all share the same specific gravity).

SET ASIN and ACOS operators were added for inverse sine and cosine.

SET QITEM operator was added to extract the nth list item in the same way as the ITEM operator, except the result is stripped of surrounding quotes.

VARIABLE names preceded or followed by spaces and surrounded by braces and parentheses migrate the parentheses inward to adjoin the replacement variable value, while still preserving column positions. For example, if X=2.346, then "*({ X:2})*" is replaced by "* (2.35)*".

======= Minor New Features =======

ADD & BOOM commands added /PLEN:L1,L2 parameter to distribute the weight between L1 and L2 as a uniform distribution plus equal and opposite point weights at L1 and L2.

CLEAR ALL MACros|VARiables clears all module as well as global definitions. CLEAR ( MACros|VARiables format is now supported to clear definitions outside of the current module.

CRTPT /TANK:tank when automatically assigning the reference point for a DAMAGED tank is now careful to only consider active critical points linked to the tank; in other words, those critical points not defined with the /INSIDE parameter or whose /INSIDE compartment is FLOODED or DAMAGED.

GHS and HS commands now show "Buoyancy" instead of "Displacement" in table headers and plot legends when extra-displacement buoyancy forces are involved (such as GROUND, PULL, and THRUST forces).

GROUP /MAXFSM, /PERM, and /VOLume optional parameters were added to show table columns for maximum FSM, permeability, and volume values. The specific gravity is shown in the header if it is the same for all tanks in the group,

HELP HELP now includes the current documentation version number.

LS /FRAME[:ONLY] optional subparameter was added to omit the location column so only a frame column appears.

LS /FRAME[:ALLpoints] optional subparameter was added to show all points in the table, not just the frame locations. The incomplete weight and buoyancy columns are now omitted when using /FRAME without the ALL subparameter.

OUTFLOW calculation precision was improved for tanks very close to hull sides.

RA /SIZE:max[,min] added optional min subparameter to scale the righting arm portion of the graph so the top is at least max and the bottom is at most min. Assuming this range is large enough to include any expected righting arm value, this provides uniform scaling for easy comparison of a series of RA plots; no extra padding space is shown above max or below min in cases when some righting arm value falls outside the specified range.

REN filespec /GF parameter was added to rename the current vessel geometry (as reflected in future SAVE files, the GF system variable, etc.). The original geometry file is copied to the new filespec. If a matching frame file with ".FRA" extension exists in the original directory, it is likewise copied to the new location.

RUN /CALL (with neither a filespec nor a module specified) restores any module active when the current run file started. RUN /CALL:module is now effective even when a previous module was already active.

SPECial NOUNK [ON] enables the CONTENTS "unknown",spgr command to set the description to "cargo" instead, but only if the existing tank description was not already "unknown" (thereby preventing old condition files from putting now-defined tanks back into unknown contents). SPECial NOUNK OFF restores the default mode.

STATUS LIghtship (name) optional parenthetical subparameter was added to specify a name (up to 25 characters) to appear in place of the "LIGHT SHIP" part name.

TC plots now negate scaling on the TCG curve in cases where the absolute value of the least TCG exceeds the greatest TCG, so portside tank plots appear the same as their mirror-image starboard counterparts.

UNIT SAVE and UNIT RESTore paramaters were added to save the current unit settings and restore the last saved settings.

WEIGHT /NOWARN parameter was added to avoid warning messages when the Light Ship weight changes. If /NOWARN is not present and the weight magnitude is unchanged, then warnings appear for any Light Ship center of gravity changes.

======= Bug Fixes =======

COMP /FORM omits Block Dimensions for non-displacer parts (previously this section was erratic for full tanks or when LBP was defined).

COMP /SECT was sometimes showing bad Baseline Depths for previously flooded or damaged tanks when a WAVE is present.

CONTENTS description|* SEA was incorrectly changing the description of the tank to "SEA WATER" instead of just setting the same specific gravity as the water environment outside the vessel (since 7.76H only).

COPY "filename1" "filename2" was unnecessarily capitalizing filename2.

DAMSTAB was sometimes trapping "Bad string format" with MESSAGE TRACE ON.

DISPLAY and SE were sometimes randomly drawing fat axis lines, leaving extra points on the screen, or showing other distorted output under Windows 7 and Vista.

DISPLAY PRINT /UNIT:u parameter was trapping an error if it was not the final parameter on the line.

DISPLAY STATUS /QUIT was ineffective (since 10.86B only).

DISPLAY STATUS BODY @location:=ANGLES command was not always showing the correct draft when distributed or added weights were present.

DISPLAY STATUS was sometimes truncating the view of sail parts modified by TYPE /SCALE /TOP /SWING /MOVE parameters.

DISPLAY STATUS was not always showing the correct waterline for tanks whose permeabilities had changed from geometry file values.

DIVISION was sometimes unnecessarily trapping "Division ends are undefined" for portside tanks when not specifying /WING tanks.

ENTER PM did not recognize the DESCription statement for the MODIFY command (since 12.00 only).

ENTER PM was not always correctly FITting components where stations with arc radius points adjoin stations without such points (since 12.38 only).

ENTER PM was sometimes writing too many commas for critical points with tank information, creating unreadable geometry files.

ENTER PM was incorrectly creating single-station parts with negative transverse coordinates used with MC /PROFILE (since 12.00 only).

ENTER PM was not respecting arc points when used with the SHELL statement.

ENTER PM was trapping an error starting part creation with a TUBE statement and no volume in the first component (since 12.00 only).

ENTER PM statement CYLINDER augmented by multiple DIAMETER sections was sometimes incorrectly generating a cone shape (since 12.00 only).

ENTER PM commands READ and WRITE were not supporting quoted file names.

ENTER PM window title was not updated after READ, WRITE, and CLEAR commands.

ERROR system variable less than zero was not preventing an error from clearing out any subsequent commands on the current line after a vertical bar character.

FIXUP (via MC FIXUP) was not deleting stations having no points.

FL was occasionally failing to report any table entries at certain low permeabilities.

FL was not always writing a list of permeabilities on separate table pages.

FLDTANK and TGTTANK system variables were not returning the /TANK name associated with the lowest critical point, instead incorrectly returning any associated active /INSIDE tank name (since 12.26A only).

FSMMT MAX was sometimes failing to set the present load to the maximum FSM load in cases where that matched the FSM VMAX load (since 11.24 only).

FSMMT was finding unrealistically-high values in rare cases for tanks with abrupt changes between widely spaced stations.

GROUP /DESCRiption was omitting the tank description (since 9.16D only).

HELP command list is now correctly alphabeticized and includes IF & EXTEND.

HMMT WIND /BAND at a non-zero AXIS angle no longer includes a spurious lateral plane contribution from the gap between off-center closed loops in centerline components.

HMMT WIND /BAND was sometimes triggering a "whole overflow" run-time error when portside displacer parts were present with deckedge on a final station point.

LEw right-clicking the "Contents" column was not always showing function key options that immediately reflected contents changes initiated by right-clicking.

LEw scroll wheel operation was erratic when no items exist in the current mode or when the "Crane Input" or "Heeling Moment Input" box was selected.

LOAD EDIT creation of a new item (using Ins or Ctrl-Ins or right-clicking "Insert" or "Append" in the first column) was being interrupted when the /CRANE parameter was present using the CRANE module.

LOAD EDIT and SCREEN GRAPH command area watermark vessel profile views were sometimes omitting zero-width centerline sail parts and bulbous bow end points (since 12.10A only).

LOAD EDIT /BULK /METONLY (when started in metric mode) now displays bulk contents using CM/MT instead of CF/LT "stowage factor" units.

Load Editor eliminated several potential scenarios that risked program hanging.

Load Editor no longer omits MB interaction height for the current field when the cursor is in the Weight or Ground Point Description column.

LS /LIM summary now always shows "Largest Shear/limit" and "Largest Bending Moment/limit" percentages as positive, matching the table column percentages.

LS /PERCENT without the /FRAME parameter now omits the extraneous blank frame colume. LS /LIM without the /FRAME parameter no longer creates a misaligned report without any location indicators when bulkhead shear corrections are present (since 11.62D only).

MAXVCG was improved for certain cases reporting spurious solutions where no limit margin was near zero.

MC file.SHP imports were sometimes trapping an "invalid location" run-time error.

MC /DECKEDGE, PM MARGIN statement, and SE Ctrl-D were not always extending the deck edge to include stations with very acute edge angles.

NOTEs using \ followed by one or more spaces now shift screen output one space toward the left if possible to better match the alignment of report output.

PERM REPORT now showing "ErrINF", "Err<0", or "Err>10" indicators in place of erroneous average permeabilty values for parts containing deducting components.

PRINT was sometimes allowing plot curve labels to overlap illegibly.

PRINT was sometimes slightly misdirecting the freeboard limit label arrow for RAH plots.

PRINT uses the system default printer as a fallback when the configured printer name is unrecognizable.

PULL and THRUST commands were misapplying very small forces in very large vessels. Ground point forces and MB solving were susceptible to a similar rare problem.

RA /FREEBD was sometimes omitting freeboard when a displacer part shared its shape with a tank part.

RA and MAXVCG calculations with freeboards and margins were sometimes thrown off when multiple parts that were not all tanks shared the same shape.

RA heeling moment note was sometimes omitting the "> 90 deg" tag and including superfluous Cos information with zero coefficient.

RA /LIM was sometimes unnecessarily trapping "ANGLES given do not include equilibrium" or showing UNDEF results for equilibrium-based limits in cases starting from a weak equilibrium solution that exceeds normal RAH tolerances.

READ with a ".FRA" file was not honoring any "f" or "a" suffixes.

REPORT /BOX:COLOR|BW fancy reports were sometimes misformatting CRTPT REPORT when tank associations and large coordinates are present (since 12.32 only).

REPORT /BOX:COLOR|BW fancy reports were misformatting any DAMSTAB /SDI deferred flooding follow-up report when the "Too many deferred flooding cases" line appeared (since 12.12 only).

REPORT /BOX:COLOR|BW fancy reports were sometimes trapping "invalid location" for additional notes beginning with a colon-terminated tag.

REPORT /BOX:COLOR|BW fancy STATUS WPL reports were misformatted if ground point names longer than 14 characters were present.

REPORT /BOX:COLOR|BW fancy reports were sometimes misformatting GROUP reports.

REPORT /BOX:COLOR|BW fancy reports were sometimes misformatting tables when custom reports started by MESSAGE REPSTART were mixed with custom plots started by MESSAGE PLOTSTART on the first page (since 11.52 only).

REPORT /BOX:COLOR fancy reports were miscoloring parameters in TORQUE headers and in LS /LIM and TORQUE /LIM summaries.

SAVE file execution was trapping "Bad parameter" for LIMIT percentages that do not have two digits.

SAVE file execution was trapping "Value out of range" for LSLIMIT TOR values (since 7.06D only).

SCREEN LOGO was sometimes trapping "invalid location" run-time error (since 9.62 only).

SCREEN LOGO mode combined with SCREEN NOGRAPH mode no longer blinks whenever a part change would update the nonexistent watermark vessel graphic.

SE, DISPLAY STATUS, and ENTER PM were not always correctly displaying stations containing arc radius points.

SE and MC were not always correctly FILLing in new stations where stations with arc radius points adjoins stations without such points.

SE, CG, PM, etc. programs were disabling the Alt-Space hotkey that accesses the upperleft corner window menu.

SE letter-key command "Edit Effect effectiveness" was not working correctly using metric units.

SHELL filename.BAT was unnecessarily going through an emulator and sometimes failing under 64-bit operating systems (since 12.00 only).

SOLVE MAXVCG /FSM was not always matching RA /FSM results when using ROLL IMO.

SOLVE was sometimes trapping DELTA FAULT 4 when many nearly-full tanks were leaving a small void pocket at one end at large trim during intermediate solving. This issue is now ignored during intermediate solving, instead only trapping an error if the condition occurs at equilibrium, reporting "Tank volume discrepancy: need more stations in tank models".

STATUS TANKS with undefined draft now traps "Draft is undefined" when DAMAGED or BUBBLE type tanks are present.

TEMPLATE field FILE /EXT:"extensions" using a comma-separated extensions list was sometimes incorrectly trapping "Please enter a valid file type".

TEMPLATE /SIZE:SMALL dialogs and wizards sometimes had truncated text due to an inconsistency in Windows 7 and Vista.

TEMPLATE dialogs with solitary images were being truncated (since 12.36M only).

TEMPLATE drop-down list controls were sometimes showing the wrong control value when multiple non-numeric list values started with the same numeric digits.

TC /FSM /STOP:FULL now always shows the full tank condition with zero FSM on the final row.

TS for /FORMATs 3, 4, and 6 now always shows the full tank condition with zero inertia or FSM on the final row.

TS /FORMAT:6 was sometimes not precisely reaching the full tank condition so was showing non-zero FSM on the final row.

TS was not always correctly rounding off the final reported SOUNDING value.

UNIT M in pounds mode was setting to MT instead of commensurate KG.

VARIABLE FREEBD was sometimes needing a SOLVE to return the correct minimum freeboard value following a RA /LIM command using a freeboard immersion angle.

VIEW was misformatting print files containing footers (since 12.36L only).

WEIGHT (TOTAL) no longer replaces any existing weight distribution curve with a point weight.

WEIGHT, LCG, TCG, and VCG system variables no longer return undefined values except when DAMAGED or BUBBLE type tanks are present with undefined depth.

WIND REPORT was sometimes scaling the plot so that the low end of the pressure curve was truncated.

WRITE (LINE) was sometimes truncating the output file if certain system variables such as {GMT} were fetched on the line of text to write.

Previous Version Update Features

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