GHS Version 11.50 Update

New features, changes, and bug fixes since version 11.00

=========== MAJOR NEW FEATURES =========

New Part Maker (PM32) Supporting Larger Geometry Files

ENTER PM32 executes the new Windows version of the Part Maker program, which reproduces nearly all of the functionality of the longstanding DOS version PM.EXE but without its memory limitations. The DOS version is still available using ENTER PM.

New Oil Fuel Tank Protection Regulation OUTFLOW Compliance

OUTFLOW [(fuellist)] lsdraft [,loaddraft] command was added to report compliance with MARPOL 73/78 Annex 2 Regulation 12A protecting the given oil fuel tank list (default is all tanks containing "DIESEL OIL" or "FUEL OIL"). All provisions of reg 12A are verified except paragraphs 9 and 10 pertaining to piping valves and suction wells. The molded midship lightship draft is required; default summer load line draft is the LCF draft as currently loaded. Optional parameters:

/BOTtom:[fueltank[:area]],... - fuel tanks bordering the bottom shell with optional maximum horizontal projected area (reg 12A.; default bottom tanks touch bottom shell using horizontal bounding rectangle area);

/CAPture:caplist - fuel tanks bounded below by non-oil tanks (reg 12A.11.5.4; by default a fuel tank may be captured by any tank not in fuellist which intersects its horizontal bounding rectangle with lower minimum and maximum vertical heights);

/HULL:name - hull part name (default is HULL or first displacer part);

/LENgth:len - vessel length (reg 12A.3.9; default is 96% waterplane length at 85% of least molded depth for deck edge);

/BReadth:br - vessel molded breadth (reg 12A.3.7; default is overall breadth);

/DEPth:dep - vessel molded depth (reg 12A.3.8; default is midship deck depth);

/SPGR[:density] - nominal specific gravity used instead of current fuel tank values (reg 12A.11.2.3; default is 1.0);

/PERM[:permeability] - nominal permeability used instead of current fuel tank values (reg 12A.11.2.4; default is 0.99);

/STOP - stops command processing when overall success or failure is determined;

/SKIP - skips consideration of geometry qualifications for closeness to shell;

/LOG[:file] - logs full calculation details to file (default is OUTFLOW.LOG).

New NETPlus Roaming Licensing Module

NETplus license management alternative is offered for network installations, with check-out/check-in of roaming licenses through the Roaming_License wizard.

MESSAGE EXPIRE displays the minimum expiration date considering both any expiring key file and any currently-read roaming NETPlus license.

New Righting Arm (RA) Features

RA /GM parameter was added to give the user more choices about how the GM is to be calculated:
1) /GM:WPL derives GM from the waterplane (this is the default).
2) /GM:LESSER (equivalent to /GMRA or /GM:RA) takes the lesser of waterplane and RA-curve tangent.

3) /GM:SLOPE takes the RA-curve tangent.
4) /GM:BLEND takes a blend of waterplane and RA-curve tangent.

RA /LIM stores the attained value for each limit number n in the variable named "LIMATTn" if it has been previously declared.

New Free Surface Moment (FSM) Features

FSM command provides a new feature for setting the load levels of one or more tanks such that the sum of the free surface moment of inertia plus the vertical moment of volume is maximum. The free surface moment is also fixed at the value for that load. Heel and trim must be zero prior to issuing this command. The new Vmax parameter activates this feature. For example,


New ERROR Alarm Feature

ERROR (ALARM) file was added to play a sound file asynchronously (default extension is .WAV; default directory is the GHS program directory).

New JPG Image File Support

PRINT /PREVIEW window exports the current page as a JPG file using the "J" key or "Export JPG" right-click menu selection.

PRINT /LOGO, SCREEN LOGO, and TEMPLATE image filespecs can specify JPG files with extension ".JPG" or ".JPEG" to distinguish from default BMP file format; if no extension is given, then .BMP is used if a matching BMP file is found, or if not, .JPG is used if a matching JPG file is found.

SCREEN LOGO is much faster, speeding up program startup using the default logo; likewise any TEMPLATE image field with /BACKCOLOR set to the white transparency color is much faster. The logo is no longer distorted in SCREEN WHITE mode.

COPY file1.JPG file2.BMP /CONVert converts files from JPG to BMP format. COPY file1.BMP file2.JPG /CONVert[:quality] converts files from BMP to JPG format using quality setting from 0 to 100 (default=75).

NOTE {%IMAGE("file"[,inches-left,inches-top[,width,height[,background]]])%} places an image from default BMP or JPG file onto the current report page at the given inches from the left edge (default 0=current position, -1=left margin, -2=center, -3=right margin) and top edge (default 0=current line), stretched to fit the given width and height in inches (default 0=size specified in image file), substituting RGB background color for white pixels in image (default 0=white, FF0000H=red).

New Foot-and-Inch Formatting Options for Soundings and Drafts

The following optional parameters were added to TC and LOAD EDIT|STATUS commands to format sounding and reference height column values:
/INCHes - formats decimal inches instead of feet as iii.ii
/FIE - formats feet, inches, and eighths of inches as f'iie[+]
/FId - formats feet and decimal inches as f'ii.d
These parameters have no effect in metric unit modes. The + suffix in /FIE mode signifies an additional 1/16 inch. Note that the existing LOAD EDIT /INCHES parameter has been redefined for consistency with existing TC /INCH parameter.

DRAFT UNITs FT | FId | FIE sets system draft units when not in metric mode to FT (default decimal feet), FI (feet and decimal inches), or FIE (feet, inches, and eighths of inches). This format is used to display drafts throughout the main program (except when overridden as by GHS command draft list in ft'inch format) and in auxiliary programs.

New WIND Features

WIND (PRESSURE) /LINEAR parameter was added to force linear interpolation rather than normal 3rd-order interpolation.

WIND (PRESSURE) /STEPwise parameter was added to to use the pressure given at each height without change until the next higher specified pressure point. The /STEP parameter should normally only be used with HMMT WIND commands based on zero heel and trim lateral plane data (i.e. /CONST, /C1, /C2, and /C:p) to prevent solving difficulties that may arise due to step discontinuities.

HMMT WIND /NONEG parameter was added to ignore negative displacer components when calculating lateral plane in moment calculations for more conservative treatment of significant negative hull components such as moon pools. In such cases, lateral plane reported by STATUS LATPL and HMMT REPORT will differ, so the latter notes "Negative displacer components ignored." The /NONEG parameter is inapplicable to the HMMT WIND /BAND method, which avoids this problem.

New Tank Characteristics (TC) Features

TC /FSML parameter was added to show FSML (longitudinal FSM) in place of any GML column that would otherwise appear, using "FSMT" column header in place of "FSM" whenever "FSML" appears.

TC fancy report color scheme was improved and supports /FSML.

TC reports now are capable of displaying larger GMT values by eliminating decimal places when necessary.

New TYPE Restore Feature

TYPE [(tanklist)] REstore parameter was added to restore tanks to their most recent non-flooded, non-damaged tank type. Load Editor "IN" entries and LEw "Intact" right-click menu selections now restore a tank rather than always setting to intact (so entering "IN" restores a flooded WDF tank back to its earlier WDF type setting).

New REPORT Formatting Options

Report menu added "Print black-and-white..." selection for monochrome printing and "Setup printer" size for Ledger/A3 paper.

PRINT /LEFTMARGIN:inches parameter was added to specify the left margin in inches; the default value is 0.9167 inches.

MESSAGE REPWIDTH [chars] sets the page width in characters for NOTE output, supporting table boxing and fancy custom reports using REPSTART for wide lines up to 200 characters. MESSAGE REPWIDTH with no parameter or chars<=80 restores normal 80-character width. The correct setting to use is 12 times the page width in inches reduced by default 1.8333" margin (so A3 paper uses ME REPWIDTH 118). An open report with a different width skips to a new page. Any standard GHS report restores 80-character width.

MESSAGE REPFONT printing uses a proportional font in page header and subtitles for regular fancy report pages; however, a fixed font header is still used for plot pages and pages generated by auxiliary programs like Condition Graphics. If a consistent fixed font header is desired, make sure ME REPFONT OFF is effective before turning each new PAGE.

REPORT opening no longer turns off any MESSAGE REPFONT, which is instead reset to MESSAGE REPFONT OFF mode when the report is closed; this allows MESSAGE REPFONT DOCUMENT to be done before opening a fancy report so that all NOTEs and page headers (including the first one) will appear using the current proportional font.

MESSAGE ALTVERSION version|OFF was added to specify an alternate format for version information appearing in report and screen headers. The specified version number appears followed by a dash and 100 times the program version minus the alternate version; for example, if the program version is 11.04A and the alternate version is 10.50, then "10.50-54A" appears in headers.

MESSAGE (REPORT) can now write page strings like "{#-{PAGES}}" to footer files.

PRINT footer text supports "{#+n}" or "{#-n}" format, which is replaced by the number of pages from the beginning of the report until the current page plus or minus the positive integer n (default n=0 if "+n" and "-n" are missing).

New READ Data Comma-Separated Values Support

READ (DATA) filespec /DELIM:"char"|value parameter was added to specify a solitary delimiter character (either as a quoted character or ASCII value) obeying Comma-Separated Values (CSV) syntax rules (so /DELIM:"," is comma delimited and /DELIM:9 is tab delimited).

New READ and FIXUP Geometry File Protection Features

READ provides protection against geometry files where negative transverse offsets occur in shapes used by centerline components. This type of error could occur if the geometry file has been made by some external means. FIXUP can be used to correct this error.

READ traps property tables that do not monotonically increase in tank waterplane height and volume. If the table does not start at zero volume, then a zero-volume height is added by interpolation (otherwise this invalid situation could trigger "GAMMA FAULT TYPE 1" errors).

READ translates any stray contents abbreviations (e.g. FW or SW) found in the geometry file to their associated contents descriptions (e.g. FRESH WATER or SALT WATER).

FIXUP warns and deletes any component found with zero effectiveness.

FIXUP capitalizes all component names not of the form "cn", where c is a character and n is a counting number.

FIXUP /FILL@ and /DELSTA@ parameters support monotonic series abbreviations such as /FILL@:0,0.5,...,30.

New MESSAGE Synchronization of Multiple Program Sessions

MESSAGE SEND ON SYNC parameter was added to automatically minimize, visibly restore, or quit all connected program sessions when the user minimizes, restores, or quits the current program session.

MESSAGE SEND reception escapes out of active MENUs (just as if an Escape key was pressed) so the received command can be processed.

New SCREEN Minimization and Hiding Features

SCREEN MIN [HIDE] [ALL] parameters were added to optionally hide the taskbar icon and optionally minimize all task windows including any dialog boxes.

SCREEN MIN RESTore parameter was added to restore the screen state prior to the most recent SCREEN MIN [HIDE] [ALL] command.

SCREEN MIN no longer minimizes any active dialog boxes along with the main window, thereby avoiding reducing the program to an unresponsive taskbar icon that can only be affected using Ctrl-Alt-Del.

SCREEN MIN is no longer thwarted by the main window being restored when the command prompt appears; instead, automatic restoration now only occurs when active user attention is required due to an error, INPUT command, or WAIT to continue.

New Section Editor (SE) Enhancements

SE and DISPLAY support toggling between white and default black vessel view background by keying Ctrl-B.

SE asks to save any unsaved changes before quitting.

SE recycles any overwritten geometry file for backup purposes.

SE writes to the geometry file any explicitly added line codes, even if they are not deck edges marked by "DK".

SE shows more realistic mouse coordinates in isometric views rotated by Alt-arrow keys to align with the axes.

New Model Converter (MC) Enhancements

MC conversion for HEC file format with .SHP extension now imports specific gravity, keeps longer names with final short words retained to better distinguish compartments, and is less likely to trap "Duplicate name" errors for AppendedCompartments.

MC conversion for HEC file format with .SHP extension imports non-symmetric compartments with all negative transverse coordinates as portside components.

New Load Editor (LE) Enhancements

LOAD EDIT /SEAdensity parameter was added to show "Sea Density" instead of "Origin Depth" in the LEw status header box.

LEw right-click menus show density values with an extra digit of precision (4 decimal places for specific gravity, 2 decimal places for API values). Note that values entered into Load Editor retain their full precision internally even when rounded off for display purposes.

Load Editor full tank soundings now snap to the minimum value giving the full load volume instead of the top of the sounding tube.

LEw modifies WARNING headlight behavior if the LE_WARN variable exists, as follows: (1) sets LE_WARN to 1 if it was undefined or 0 whenever the WARNING headlight would have been turned on; (2) sets LE_WARN to 0 if it was undefined or less than 2 whenever WARNING headlight would have been turned off; (3) then shows WARNING headlight if and only if LE_WARN is greater than 0.

LOAD EDIT /WARNMACro:name executes the named macro after any loading change, after executing any /STABMACRO macro, or after the WARNING headlight is turned from off to on.

ADD /MAX:FIRM:maxw subparameter was added to firmly prevent item weights from exceeding maxw in Load Editor, otherwise maxw is just a guideline for 100% loading in the "Load%" column.

New Condition Graphics (CG) Enhancements

DISPLAY STATUS PROFILE:OUTBOARD shows the waterline adjusted for any parabolic deflection from DEFLECT or DRAFT commands.

DISPLAY STATUS PROFILE:OUTBOARD now includes critical points in the legend.

DISPLAY STATUS omits contents in the legend by default when not started at the top of the print page (as after a STATUS command); note this behavior can be overridden using the /LEGEND:CONTENTS parameter.

CG and other external programs now use location-smart date formats to match those already used in the main program, so report header dates will be uniform (unless overridden by MESSAGE DATEFORMAT command).

New Multi-Body (MB) Enhancements

MB processing now sleeps for shorter periods while waiting for response, yielding slightly faster and smoother throughput.

MB latch processing was very slow when the initial separation between corresponding interaction points exceeded 16 feet.

MB SOLVE PRIMARY|SECONDARY /WTOL and /HTOL parameters were acting as additional restrictions on top of default MB tolerances, but now completely override them, thereby permitting looser tolerances for potentially faster MB solving.

MB SOLVE WAIT and SOLVE SEND commands were sometimes failing to connect with secondary sessions from a primary session opened using SOLVE PRIMARY without the /WAIT parameter.

MB ground mode processing was sometimes very slow due to confusion in the supporting session about whether penetration was occurring in the grounded session; now this information is communicated unambiguously.

MB ground solving was slowed down by excessive damping and non-recognition of improvement in certain cases.

MB solving was sometimes causing unresponsiveness and loss of keyboard input within Load Editor.

MB ground solving was slowed down by excessive internal damping in certain cases where the vessels were widely separated or the ground ---- fixed heel or trim, and was sometimes accepting excessive height differentials and bogus solutions where grounder points were far below supporting points.

New VARIABLE Enhancements

VARIABLE creation speed has been greatly increased when tens of thousands of user variables have been defined. CLEAR VARIABLES frees up memory for other tasks instead of reserving it only for new variables.

======= Minor New Features =======

CUSTOM (GHSERIAL) now supports $TYPE Datasound53 protocol (in datatype=1 mode).

DAMSTAB/SDI now recognizes tanks/compartments having their Contents (substance) description set to CRITICAL as special cases causing the survival probability to be zero when they are flooded.

DEFLECT deflection [@location] optional parameter was added to specify the location of the center of deflection; if missing, the midship location is used.

ENTER PM and DISPLAY PRINT are much faster under 64-bit operating systems.

GHS and HS commands report KML/GML/BML with the same number of decimal places as KMT/GMT/BMT when the longitudinal value does not exceed twice the transverse value for the first table row.

GHS report now includes table column headers on top of any continued pages.

GHS /GMRA /NOWARN omits the caution normally displayed when GM obtained from the righting arm curve differs significantly from the standard waterplane GM. Note this GHS /NOWARN parameter was previously documented differently but was never implemented.

LIMIT ANGLE evaluation now ignores tight points when terminated by FLD with limit value greater than zero.

LOAD STATUS shows "FLOODED", "DAMAGED", and "DK WATER" indicators in a similar manner as Load Editor.

LS and MAXVCG put full title into plots instead of truncating at 26 characters, not adding "criterion" tag if redundant or not enough space.

Main program command-line editing now supports the Insert key to toggle between default insert mode and overwrite mode while editing the current line.

MAXVCG /COMPOSITE LCG tolerance was increased slightly for long vessels to avoid unnecessarily trapping "COMPOSITE incompatibility".

PERM and COMP /PERM commands allow tank permeabilities up to 9.999. If any included tank has permeability greater than 1.0, a warning note appears at the bottom of the PERM report.

RA /LIM limit results appear boldface in fancy reports.

SET FILENAME "filespec" operator was added to extract the filename from a file specification.

SET %variable%=value sets an operating system environment variable to the given value (effective only for the current program and any SHELLed subprograms).

SOLVE does a better job finding upright equilibrium in cases with short range of stability and early unstable trim.

SOLVE precision has been improved in cases of extremely high GM due to ground reactions, which was occasionally showing large RAT in cases such as a vessel resting firmly on blocks.

SUBTITLE command supports styled text in the same way as the NOTE command using {+b} for bold, {+i} for italic, {+u} for underlining, and {+d} for double-size.

Version information appears in program properties and when hovering over program file icons.

WAIT AUTO in SCREEN SCROLL ON mode now forces "Press to continue" wait when given a report command (e.g. RA, STATUS, etc.) with non-empty Display area.

WRITE and SAVE commands now write the title of the current longitudinal strength criterion set by the LSLIMIT TITLE command.

======= Bug Fixes =======

ANGLE LIMITS referencing the angle of downflooding were not tracking the angle of downflooding when it occurred prior to the equilibrium angle.

COMP /SECTIONS /DEPTH:d1,...,dn was inserting spurious gaps into its section area plots (since 7.32B only).

CONTENTS /COLOR:n parameter was ineffective (since 10.90C only).

CONTENTS /TABLE no longer shows substances with zero specific gravity.

DAMSTAB/SDIP:n was stopping with a Heel Limit Exceeded error rather than continuing when the equilibrium heel angle was large.

DAMSTAB /SDI reports were showing extraneous numbers for heel and trim when Critical compartments forced S to zero; this had no effect on results (since 11.38 only).

DEFLECT command was failing to set the deflection when a WAVE was present. WAVE command was failing to report "Deflection removed" when a deflection was present.

DEFLECT deflection [/length] optional parameter was a no-op (since its introduction in 9.68), but now works as documented.

DELETE part and DELETE filespec PARTS were neglecting to mark a new condition or update any synchronized Condition Graphics session.

DISPLAY PRINT /PREVIEW /SPAWN was causing GHS to hang.

DISPLAY PRINT was failing under 64-bit operating systems.

DISPLAY STATUS PROFILE:OUTBOARD to a report file was hanging in rare cases.

DISPLAY STATUS PROFILE:OUTBOARD by itself was leaving blank legend box space.

DISPLAY STATUS was occasionally failing to shade a fully-loaded tank.

DISPLAY STATUS legend was not always allowing the proper space for Critical Points following Tanks.

DISPLAY STATUS was sometimes failing to shade beneath tank waterlines, especially for tanks with concavity underneath.

DISPLAY STATUS for the screen was sometimes failing to draw patterns (such as wavy lines on seawater).

DISPLAY STATUS plugged a resource leak that could crash Condition Graphics after repeated window resizing.

DISPLAY (tank1, tank2,...) STATUS was failing when commas and spaces appeared together as separators in the tank list.

DIVISION was restricting some configurations with tanks across the centerline bulkhead and not recognizing them as valid inboard space.

EXECUTE macro "%1" and the like no longer recursively substitute the percent parameter until "Macro parameter substitution loop" is trapped.

FIXUP was erroneously overwriting existing .BAK backups (since 9.58B only).

FIXUP /FILL@ parameter was not honoring "f" and "a" suffixes.

GHS /GMRA /FSM no longer warns "GMT includes the formal free surface moment".

GROUP command was not enforcing the documented requirement that all tanks in a group must be intact.

GROUP spilling between tanks was not being reflected in Condition Graphics.

HEIGHT system variable was sometimes giving inconsistent values for DAMAGED type tanks.

HEIGHT system variable was sometimes giving inconsistent values or trapping "GAMMA FAULT" for DECK type tanks.

HEIGHT system variable was sometimes not matching STATUS command results when not in equilibrium with non-zero heel or trim.

HMMT * or HMMT -TURN radius, speed with no /C cosine factor was failing to reverse the turn moment direction (since 10.36 only).

HMMT REPORT was sometimes delivering confusing or inconsistent results, especially for port moments (since 10.36 only).

HMMT WIND /BAND was including UNSET Sail parts in lateral plane areas.

HMMT WIND /BAND /COMBINE /CONST was not recognizing the /CONST parameter unless it came before the /COMBINE parameter.

HMMT WIND with /CONST (or any of the other parameters which indicate that the moment needs to be calculated only in the upright position) was recalculating the moment more times than necessary.

HMMT REPORT was not showing the turn radius in meters when appropriate.

IDLE macros containing templates no longer risk repeated recursive execution.

KEY footer buttons no longer misbehave when resizing the window smaller than the minimum number of command rows (set by SCREEN ROWS min).

LOAD setting for a TYPE DECK tank was overwriting the head of water height specified by the TYPE /HW parameter. LOAD screen report now shows load "varies" for TYPE DECK tanks.


Load Editor shows TYPE DECK tanks loaded with "DK WATER" with no spurious option to edit the load percentage.

Load Editor was sometimes preventing entry of the precise maximum sounding or ullage value due to rounding errors.

Load Editor loading by sounding (which keeps soundings constant so long as the cursor stays in the Sounding column) was being interfered with by background processing such as IDLE macros, /CRANE macros, /STABMACROs, and automatic /LS status (all of which except for IDLE macros are now suspended while loading by sounding is in progress).

LEw was not always updating the unit indicators when the UNIT command is executed inside a macro.

LEw creation of a new GROUND point in a macro was not always updating the Load Editor ground point list.

LEw "Unsort" button was temporarily displaying when the spreadsheet area was being used to display LS or macro output.

LEw Transfer mode was being unnecessarily turned off whenever a macro was executed or a button like "CG" and "LS" was pressed.

LIMIT evaluations were not consistently treating downflooding at equilibrium (regular flood points submerged, not just tight points) as failure for all limits involving downflooding angles. Although rare, such a condition might be encountered in damage cases. This has been corrected, so that the limits involving the FLD keyword now return negative or undefined margins when there is downflooding at the equilibrium heel angle.

LIMIT TITLE with a long title description (e.g. 25 characters including quotes) was sometimes causing printing problems.

LIMIT TITLE, LSLIMIT TITLE, and MAXVCG TITLE parameter now consistently strips off any outer quote marks surrounding the title.

LS report was misformatted when the Moment value is precisely 1.E6 or 1.E8.

LS report when in metric unit mode was showing numbers differing from input values in the section moment of inertia column (shown only when deflection but not stress is included). This did not affect any calculation results; it was only the display of these input values that was incorrect.

LSLIMIT command sets appropriate SHRMARG, BMMTMARG, and/or TORQMARG system variables to undefined (thereby updating LEw limit percentage status when a macro executes LSLIMIT in LOAD EDIT /LS mode).

Main program was not always reporting correct properties when components exist with zero effectiveness.

Main program screen degree mark was being incorrectly displayed for certain international localization settings; now the letter "D" substitutes if required.

Main program /L parameter was not preventing automatic loading of the default library file unless followed by a colon (i.e. "/L:").

Main program command-line editing was sometimes getting scrambled after picking words from the screen or previous commands using Ctrl-E or Up-arrow, especially after pressing a cursor movement key like End then picking another selection.

MAXVCG process was failing to find a solution in rare cases with WIND and ROLL.

MC import of certain nearly-square stations was reversing the point order, leading to "Negative section area" errors when read into the main program.

MC TPF importing was not recognizing any "(M)" unit indicator appearing in the header line of the first tank table in the TPF file.

MC file FIXUP uses HULL\HULL.C by default for output parameters like /FILL@, restoring pre-10.04 behavior.

MC SHCP importing was trapping "Illegal data in field" when geometry data lines contained trailing spaces.

ME REPFONT DOCUMENT mode was not turning off double-size print style when {-d} appeared before the end of a line.

PRINT was trapping "Plot Area undefined" for custom data files having non-plot text output lines appearing prior to the EndPlots command sequence (since 8.50 only).

PRINT file SECONDARY was not working properly except for files with .QF extension generated by DISPLAY STATUS /SECONDARY.

READ ^filename was failing to copy filename into the current directory if it was found in a user library path different from the program directory.

REPORT /BOX was misformatting lines having non-printable characters.

SE was incorrectly showing SAIL class parts as "SUPERSTR:" instead of "SAIL:".

SE was sometimes failing to display newly-created parts until after the vessel is saved and read back into Section Editor (since 10.66 only).

SE sometimes trapped "Invalid location" when being closed after failing to read a defective geometry file.

SE quit was not reading any newly-written geometry file into the main program (since 8.50 only).

SE and DISPLAY no longer show deck edges connecting single-point stations even when no DK line code is present (requires updated SE32.EXE).

SE was failing to display the bottom centerline points for symmetric components whose top centerline point precedes its bottom centerline point (since 10.34D only).

SOLVE no longer changes any weight or CG components unless there is an explicit parameter (such as WEIGHT) directing it to do so, instead issuing an error message in cases where equilibrium cannot otherwise be achieved (as when DRAFT is fixed).

SOLVE processing was occasionally being sent far off track when getting especially close to equilibrium.

TC /SOUND /FSM was unnecessarily trapping "Not enough room for FSM".

TEMPLATE /TIP fields were trapping "invalid location" run-time errors in rare cases when exiting the template dialog box.

TEMPLATE /POS:position was hanging if an invalid position string was given.

TORQUE /THIN was not thinning very effectively (since 9.76F only).

WEIGHT with zero initial weight was sometimes failing to pick up later weights in the list.

WIND (PRESSURE) was sometimes giving inconsistent results when repeated during the same program run using a reduced number of pressure points.

WRITE/SAVE commands were not correctly restoring heel and trim when ground points are present and axis is non-zero.

WRITE/SAVE commands now write deflection information set by DEFLECT and DRAFT d1 @ l1,... commands.

Previous Version Update Features

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