GHS Version 07.00 Update

New features, changes, and bug fixes since version 06.70

Bug Notices for version 7.00
Note: Since this bug can cause incorrect results in certain stability evaluations, a corrected version, 7.04, is being issued to replace 7.00.

LIMIT RA command:

(a) LIMIT RA AT ang1 OR ang2

(b) LIMIT RA AT ang1 TO ang2

In GHS versions 6.74 through 7.02D the interpretation of these two commands was reversed. In other words, the "OR" keyword behaved as the "TO" and vice versa. Please check any work that you did with any version of GHS in this range and make sure that this LIMIT was not controlling any cases.

As described in the GHS User's Manual, the value of the righting arm (RA) is taken at ang1 unless,

in form (a) ang2 is greater than ang1

in form (b) ang2 is less than ang1

in which case the RA value is to be taken at ang2.

Note: Since this bug can cause incorrect results in certain stability evaluations, a corrected version, 7.04, is being issued to replace 7.00.

A bug involving the CRIT command has been found in GHS version 7.04J - 7.04V.

The CRIT command with the /SYMM parameter is not being properly recognized (it's actually being interpreted the same as /FLD). It has been corrected in version 7.04W.

See the update history section of the Customer Support Center for the latest available beta versions.

GHS 7.0 Shipments Completed

The GHS, BHS and BHS/Yacht version 7.0 update has been shipped to all users who are current with their Maintenance/Support subscriptions.

Unfortunately, a bug has been discovered in GHS 7.00 affecting one stability criterion limit. See Bug Notices, above.

A corrected version of GHS fixing this bug is available. Notices are being e-mailed or faxed to all users who received a copy of GHS that was affected. The notice contains options for receiving an update to version 7.04. If you have not received such a notice, please contact Creative Systems.

=========== MAJOR NEW FEATURES =========

A Windows 32-bit main program, report generator and print/plot utility are now included in addition to their DOS-based counterparts so that we continue to be compatible with all PC operating systems. When running under 32-bit operating systems (Windows 95, 98, NT, etc.) the speed and capacity are much greater than in any previous release.

An entirely new SE program is included with this release. It also supplies the main-program DISPLAY function. Please see the revised SE section in the manual for details.

Please refer to separate installation instructions. The files are compressed and require that the installation program be run in order to decompress and copy them to the program directory.

The more significant improvements and bug fixes are listed below. Please see the manual updates for complete descriptions of the new features.

Other Changes and Improvements

======= Bug Fixes =======

A bug in the calculation of free surface moments for empty tanks in SPILLING mode was corrected. The free surface moment obviously should be zero but it was showing up as a nonzero number in the STATUS report.

WDF tanks in STATUS TANK:BRIEF were having their seawater represented twice. Also STATUS WPL was showing WDF tanks even when empty or full.

Solving with DAMAGED-type tanks now avoids "negative waterplane" errors.

In some cases the HF termination angle in a LIMIT command was being interpreted as DI.

MAXVCG was not handling the direction of heel properly with very small but nonzero equilibrium heel angles.

MAXVCG with varying ROLL (i.e. ROLL IMO) and relatively small heeling moments was sometimes not converging. The result was VCGs which were obviously too low.

Long command lines (greater than 256 characters) were being truncated in some cases.

The Load Editor was not properly handling frozen tanks with sounding tubes: soundings were not being correctly translated to loads, especially when the tank location was a great distance from the origin in the presence of large trim.

Load Editor SOLVING is now more sensitive to small changes in loads.

Model Converter command lines longer than 80 characters were being truncated when specified inside run files; this condition has been corrected.

The specific gravity table was not being properly reinitialized after a failed READ command.

Improved and corrected report formatting details. Corrected occasional appearance of extraneous trailing characters when picking words from the screen with the arrow keys.

In the RA command with nonzero AXIS the floodpoint height was sometimes unreliable near the downflooding angle.

When the RA curve is discontinuous due to a sudden trim shift or damaged tank flooding, the second intercept was not being identified, causing limits referencing RA0 to be undefined.

Longitudinal Strength with large distributed weights in addition to light ship was sometimes producing a "Weight Center Discrepancy" error.

DAMAGE type tanks were causing LS to abort with "PSI" error messages.

DAMSTAB was not progressing through all divisions when the divisions were not numbered starting with 1.

DIVISION /FLD:n was changing the type of critical point n to FLOOD if it was TIGHT.

A READ command containing a path given at the PROJECT prompt is no longer mistaken for a project directory specification.

Correction made to accept a colon or equal sign after the /PEN parameter on the GROUND command. Before this correction it was shifting the first parameter after the /PEN to the second parameter place.

Light ship weight curve terminating with a zero wt/length was giving zero weight.

ENTER command now correctly deletes temporary .RUN file even when multiple instances of GHS are running on the same machine.

Picking items from the screen during an INPUT command sometimes failed to access columns directly above the input field.

Corrected the tendency to miss slash parameters when not preceded by a space.

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