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Demonstrates when GM appears on plots and when it does not.
    `Demonstrates when GM appears on plots and when it does not.
    proj ra-gm
    read tanker
    draft 5
    vcg 5
    solve weight, lcg
    angles 0 2.5 ... 60
    ra   `<--- GM plotted at equilibrium.
    heel 5
    ra   `<--- GM does not appear - the curve starts after equil.
    heel -5
    ra   `<--- GM plotted at equilibrium, where the curve crosses the axis.
    hmmt 2000
    ra   `<--- GM plotted where the RA curve crosses the HA curve.
    ra   `<--- Same, but curve starts at equilibrium.
    hmmt off
    vcg  7
    ra   `<--- Negative GM plotted at first (unstable) equilibrium.
    heel 1
    ra   `<--- GM plotted at stable equilibrium since curve starts after zero.
    tank cgs1.s
    load 1.0
    type spill
    ra   `<--- GM does not appear - curve is righting moment since displ varies.
    report off
    print ra-gm /preview

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