How to show deflection data in the longitudinal strength calculation reports?


If you need to go beyond bending moments and get stress and/or deflection, you will need to provide section modulus and/or section moments of inertia as well. For this you would use the SMOD command. Single values or curves can be specified. Section moments of inertia can be given as well, either in place of section modulus (SMOD=I/) or in a ratio (SMOD=I/c) where section modulus is given as the moment of inertia divided by the distance from neutral axis. Section moduli for both keel and deck stress can be given. See HELP SMOD for details. If deflection is being calculated, and there is no wave present, the resulting waterplane with deflection remains after the LS calculation is complete. However any change you make in the waterplane after that will remove the deflection.

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