I can't write a geometry file in Part Maker that I have read imported, changed, and added tanks to... what gives?


Sometimes imported models leave bits and pieces of their previous incarnation's geometrical code lying about. Offsets might be out of order, overlap, or run reverse direction.

The trouble begins when Part Maker either encounters a part that has erroneous data, or when Part Maker attempts to assemble a new geometry file. You need to make sure your geometry file is up to par b efore Part Maker will allow any parts to be written in a new file.

While you can adjust offsets using Section Editor manually, there are many things you can fix automatically by running our Model Converter program. If you type at the GHS command line, or include in yo ur run file:

MC filespec FIXUP

where filespec refers to the geometry file being fixed up, then Model Converter will go through your file, fixing many or all of the duplicate offsets, clockwise station offsets, and/or extraneous data

While this may not solve all writing issues, this handy program can solve a good portion of them. Copyright (C) 2007 Creative Systems, Inc.
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