I seem to be having a problem with Deck Immersion. What does it mean if the error that comes back is "Limit not verifiable" ? Also, if the calculations produce a VCG lower than the floor value, it only returns, for example, VCG <3.00 and does not show the limit margins. How can I correct this so that I can produce a full continuous plot?


"Deck Immersion" really means "The angle of deck immersion". If this is the second or third angle in the limit and its value is less than that of the first angle (which would typically be the angle of equilibrium), then the limit is not verifiable. Lowering the VCG might not be enough to bring the angle of equilibrium in so that it comes before the angle of deck immersion. Or perhaps it is a symmetrical case where the VCG has no effect on the angle of equilibrium. In other words, that particular trim or LCG at that particular displacement is not permissible even with the lowest possible VCG, which means that your max VCG curve must stop before it gets to that displacement.

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