Tank Soundings doesn't want to read my GHS model, what is wrong?


1. TS does not have the capacity to read Large GFs. Removing non-tank
    parts from the GF is usually sufficient.

2. It is necessary to close all other GHS sessions before opening the
    GHS session that runs TS in this manner. Otherwise TS will give     a "File Not Found" error.

Normally you should have read your GF before doing this run. But if not, the next command will read from the GHS dir.

if "{GF}"="" then read `this ensures that a gf is in the current dir

if "{GF}"<>"TEMP.GFT" then copy {GF} temp.gft `makes a copy of it that we will now modify mc temp.gft fixup /tanksonly /nowait `removing everything but tanks read temp.gft `now read this temporary gf so it will be passed to TS enter ts

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