How would I modify an existing geometry file to create two new geometry files for the forward and after hulls of a vessel which is broken in two. We are trying to establish whether and under what conditions the two hulls will float. This is a cargo vessl with 5 holds and machinary aft.


You can make a Part Maker run file to remove one end of the ship model as follows:

1) Read the original GF.
2) Create a temporary component of the hull part that encloses the
     end that you want to remove.
3) Fit those hull component(s) to the temporary which span the boundary
     where the hull is broken.
4) Delete any other hull components which are to be removed entirely.
5) Fit externally to the temporary those tanks which are broken.
6) Delete tanks which are to be removed entirely.
7) Delete the temporary.
8) Write a new GF.

Before running calculations in the main program, set the type of broken tanks to FLOODED.
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