1) Does Load Editor ignore the effects of waves?

2) I also wanted to establish the following:

When GHS calculates the Heel Angle for a certain condition containing a TCG (ignoring fluids), I assume it compares TCG * Cos (HeelAngle) with GZ at HeelAngle

if so when calculating the areas between Equil and say 30deg, does it calculate between the original GZ curve and a horizontal line going through the equil point, OR does it first modify the GZ curve for the effects of the Heeling Arm Curve dropping by Cosine (Angle) BELOW the equilibrium point.


1) Note: If a wave has been defined in the Main Program using the WAVE command prior to entering Load Editor, it will not be recognized except during the longitudinal strength calculations.

2) The answer to your second question is close to your second guess. In calculating righting arms it always subtracts TCG * Cos (HeelAngle): it's incapable of doing otherwise. Therefore, the angle of equilibrium as well as the area under the curve use this definition of RA.

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