How to fit tanks with a separate 'tweendeck component.
Question: I am endeavoring to make tanks with the hull definition of this vessel, which contains a large Tween Deck that spans the complete length of the vessel.
The hull part definition contains both the main hull component up to two deck, plus the Tween Deck component. I thought that by doing this (as opposed to just defining the hull up to the main deck only) that I would be able to use the sheered decks already defined when defining my tanks in a run file. The run file contains the following kind of statements:
Read XXX.GF1
Enter PM
Create Hull\TWEENDK.c
Locus @ -28 X,X X,X X,X etc.
Locus @ 20.4 X,X X,X X,X etc.
Locus @ 40.8 X,X X,X X,X etc.
Locus @ 420.5 X,X X,X X,X etc
Fit Hull
This had the effect of creating a component called TWEENDK.C extending the full length of the ship and thus the file delineates both the Main Deck and 2 Deck; both decks have sheer.
Problem: How do I install a bulkhead at 32' aft of the F.P. to create a single Fore Peak Tank extending from keel to the Main Deck? Also, how do I define a second tank in the Tween Deck space only from BHD.1 to BHD.2?
You have made a good decision in dividing your HULL part into the two components in order to facilitate the construction of tanks bounded by the second deck. 1) Make the fore peak tank in two components. Just as your hull part consists of more than one component, so it is permissible for a tank part to consist of more than one component. You could proceed as follows: CREATE FOREPK.C COMPONENT LOWER.C ENDS ... FIT HULL.C COMPONENT UPPER.C ENDS ... FIT TWEENDK.C / 2) The above also reveals the secret for making the 'tween deck space: CREATE TWEENSPACE.C ENDS ... FIT TWEENDK.C /

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