Proper use of the SOLVE with the RA command.
Question When does SOLVE need to preceed the RA command? Answer      The RA command starts the curve at the present heel angle. For example,      ANGLES = 0, 5, ... 60 HEEL = 7 RA      will run the curve of righting arms at 7°, 12°, etc.      The SOLVE command finds equilibrium for the present loading condition. This may result in a heel angle which is not zero. Therefore,      HEEL = 0 RA      and      SOLVE RA      may result in different angles being used.      IF you have a LIMIT such as      LIMIT AREA FROM 0 TO 40 > 10      the angles "0" and "40" will be relative to the starting angle.      If your LIMIT is      LIMIT AREA FROM ABS 0 TO ABS 40 > 10      the angles will be relative to upright.      There is no need to SOLVE before RA unless you want the RA curve to start at the angle of equilibrium.     

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