What interpolations does GHS perform during model building?
Question: Please verify or correct the following points: 1) When creating a model, GHS only uses the input data. No interpolation of offsets or stations is used in the resulting model. 2) A new model can be created, using Model Converter, based on the original data. This process will use 1st, 2nd, or 3rd order interpolation, depending on the station spacing, to create or delete stations. However, this new model is entirely separate from the old model.
3) GHS does not use interpolated offsets or stations while performing stability calculations ( except at the waterplane endings).
In answer to your questions about GHS modeling:      1) GHS uses interpolation in several places when creating models. The Section Editor has the ability to enrich shapes which it creates or edits by adding stations using linear interpolation. Model Converter has the ability to enrich shapes by adding stations using higher-order (2nd or 3rd) interpolation. Part Maker creates stations by linear interpolation in the process of fitting tanks and appendages as well as interpolating on stations for intersections between two shapes.      2) Model Converter reads an input file and writes an output file. The output file contains data from the input file, usually after some kind of modification or format conversion. The output file may also retain its previous contents in addition to the data from the input file. The output file may be the same file as the input file (this is always the case in FIXUP mode). Therefore, Model Converter can modify an existing Geometry file or create a new one.      3) GHS versions 6.50 and earlier do not interpolate additional stations during stability calculations, except for waterplane endings. Waterplane crossings on stations are interpolated.     

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