proj makesail

`Converts a station into a profile component of SAIL part HOUSE
`Will do the same for more than one component if desired.

enter pm
`read `<-- the GF containing the 1-station component(s)
`or create it here:
create house\house1.p `<-- use .p if the station has "bow" to the right
class sail
ends -0.01 0
loc @ -0.01 = 0,10, 10,10, 10,15, 13,20, -12,20, -11,18, -4,18, -4,10
inboard -12 `<-- must be at least as far negative as the station goes
display `<-- just to see what we have
write house.gf1
quit pm

`Note: The station must be the only station in a starboard or port-side
` component.
` This can be made using SE. E.g.: SE house.gf1 (house\house1.p).

mc house.gf1 (house\house1.p) house.gf2 /profile /newgf
`mc house.gf1 (house\house2.p) house.gf2 /profile
`Note if only one component is involved, omit the second mc.

enter pm
read house.gf2
reverse `<-- This is only necessary if the stations were reversed
     ` The reverse will make .P components into .S!
write house.gf2

`The rest of the vessel can be read in here and the combined result
`written to a new file.

quit pm