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Example run file for finding intact limiting drafts to avoid deck immersion when damaged.
    `Example run file for finding intact limiting drafts to avoid deck immersion
    `when damaged.
    project limdraft
    `Must have deck edge marked in model:
    if not fexist then read | mc fixup /deckedge | clear
    `Must designate lbp:
    lbp = 0, 95f
    variable n,f,q,t,apd
    macro err1
     \\*** Heel too large: {heel} degrees ***\
    macro err2
     \\*** Unable to find a solution for the AP draft of {apd} ***\
    macro loop
    `This macro finds the trim at given AP draft for zero freeboard when
    `flooded (if possible).
     type intact
     heel = 0
     trim = {t}
     draft @ AP = {apd}
     solve weight, lcg
     type flood
     set error = -1
     if {error}>=0 then .err2 | exit
     set error = 0
     set q = ABS {heel}
     if {q} > 20 then .err1 | exit
     set f = ABS {freebd}
     if {f}<0.01 then exit
     if {f} > 10 then set f = 10
     set q = {ap} minus {fp}
     set f = {f} div {q}
     set f = atn {f}
     set n = {n} plus 1
     set q = {n} div 10 plus 1
     set f = {f} times {q}
     if {freebd} > 0 then set t = {t} minus {f} | exit loop
     if {trim}>0 then set t = {t} minus {f} | exit loop
     set t = {t} plus {f}
     exit loop
    macro lim
    `This macro finds the limiting FP draft and reports the flooded status
    `resulting from the intact AP & FP drafts (which are also reported).
    set n = 0
    set t = 0
    set apd = %1
    vcg = %2
    status weight, displ, freebd /noref
    type intact
    draft @ AP /print /title:" Intact limiting draft at AP"
    draft @ FP /print /title:" Intact limiting draft at FP"
    macro limdr
    `This procedure runs through a series of AP drafts, finding limiting FP draft
    `for each.  The VCG for each intact draft is also given.  The tanks to be
    `flooded are assumed to have been designated by way of the current default
    `tank selection.
    type (*) intact
    `   AP draft   VCG
    .lim   4.0     4.00
    .lim   5.0     4.25
    .lim   6.0     4.50
    .lim   7.0     4.75
    .lim   8.0     4.75
    .lim   8.5     4.75
    tanks = cgs3.s,cgc3.c,wbdb2.s
    tanks = cgs6.s,wbdb4.s
    tanks = cgs4.s,cgc4.c,wbdb3.s

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