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Using a loop to report all submerged critical points.
    `Looping through Critical points 1-5 using system variable FLDHT to report
    ` the height of the each active floodpoint if it is submerged. Undefined
    ` critical points are ignored
    draft 5
    vcg 5.25
    so we,lcg
    crtpt(2) "test1" 33a,0,4.75
    crtpt(3) "test2" 33a,0,5.5
    crtpt(4) "test3" 33a,0,5.25
    crtpt(5) "test4" 33a,0,4.0
    Variable (real) crtht:1:5=1
    macro lowcrtpt
       macro incrt
        set crtht = {crtht} plus 1
       macro crtrep
        \{2}Critical Point {1}{crtht}  {2}- height is {4}{fldht}\
    fldpt OFF
    set error = -4
    set crtht = %1
    fldpt ({crtht}) ON
    if {fldht} = "" then exit
    if {fldht} < 0 then .crtrep
    .incrt        `Incrementing through Crtpt's
    fldpt (*) ON
    set error = -1

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