Stability Criteria

GHS provides a very flexible means of representing stability criteria. Aspects of stability which can be measured automatically are: Most of these measures refer to an interval between angles. Such angles can be given as literal values, or symbolically as the angles at certain points such as: Any combination of these aspects of stability can be combined to form a composite stability criterion. Virtually all of the world's standard stability criteria can be modeled in this manner. In addition, the user is free to experiment with modifications of, or additions to, the standard criteria.

After a stability criterion has been specified, GHS will evaluate any loading condition against the criterion, showing how it fared under each aspect of the criterion.

GHS will also generate curves of maximum VCG (KG) as a function of displacement and initial trim for a given criterion.

All of the foregoing stability analysis can be carried out with or without flooding due to damage, with or without heeling moment due to wind (or other cause) and with or without various wave profiles.

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