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DB TankEdit
(Requires GHS version 17.00 or later)

(Use the command DB Update to get the latest version of the Data Base software.)

DB TankEdit rivals Load Editor as a convenient means of constructing tank cases. Load Editor addresses fixed-weight items also, but for tank loads, DB TankEdit is a serious contender for the tool of choice. Like Load Editor, it works directly on current load settings. Unlike Load Editor it comes freely with GHS.

The scope of tanks to be addressed can be narrowed by including a parameter, which may be a series of tank names as in the TANK command. In the case shown below the command was DB TankEdit "wt*,db*,hold*".

Note that the columns can be sorted, as they can in Load Editor. In this case the Type column controls the order, bringing the frozen fish hold to the top.

The green numbers at top appear only if light ship weight is present, since they would be meaningless otherwise.

The buttons at the bottom are handy if you are setting up tank cases in the Data Base. If you're not, why not?

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