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DB ExportFixWt and ImportFixWt
(Requires GHS version 17.00 or later)

(Use the command DB Update to get the latest version of the Data Base software.)

The DB mechanism called "Family" was introduced in the AddFixWt COW. Ship Families store information that applies (or could apply) to more than one Ship (i.e. more than one Geometry File).

DB ExportFixWt copies everything in the current fixed-weight store (including light-ship weights) to the Family that the current Ship belongs to.

What gets preserved in the Family is simply a copy of the current fixed-weight store; it overwrites the fixed weights that may have been stored there before. (Other things stored in the Family are not affected.)

Here is an example of cargo that was carried aboard Camel, an ancient cargo carrier of the "ship of the desert" class.

When the command DB ExportFixWt was given, and since no Family had been established for the Camel, a dialog came up which looked like this:

DB ImportFixWt does the opposite, so whatever was in the Family store is copied and becomes the fixed-weight store for the current Ship.

Once the Family relationship is established, Import/export assumes that Family name.

But what if you want to change it? Both of these commands take a parameter which can be the name of a different family.

For example, DB ImportFixWt "ship of the desert" was used later to copy that cargo from the Camel to the Donkey, which is a class of much lesser cargo capacity.

If there is any question, and you want visibility about which Family is being used, then put a question mark for the parameter. For example, DB ExportFixWt "?" This results in the same dialog shown in the image above, and you can pick the Family or start a new one.

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