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DB CopyGFto
(Requires GHS version 17.00 or later)

This COW is dedicated to John Bonn. He requested a DB command that will retrieve a copy of a Geometry File that has been stored in the Data Base. He said he never uses the original copy after the Data Base swallows a Geometry File, and he tends to forget where the original is located.

"The Data Base is just too convenient," he said. "I forget there are other places where I've stored files in the past."

DB CopyGFto filename makes a copy of the current Geometry File if it exists in the Data Base. filename may include a path, or if no path is given, the copy shows up in your current folder.

(DB PutGF puts a copy of a Geometry File into the Data Base.)

Actually, CopyGFto is not new. We just forgot to mention it in a COW.

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