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DB Info
(Requires GHS version 17.00 or later)

(Use the command DB Update to get the latest version of the Data Base software.)

There is no need for you to keep up with all the new COWs in the DB herd, because they are all referenced in the Data Base documentation.

The command DB Info (or simply DB) pops up on the screen the index to the DB documentation:

The dark green buttons at the top define terms and provide an overview.

The button colored red indicates the category of buttons appearing below it. As you can see, there are three of these categories: Commands, Dialogs, and Expand Macros.

Commands has subcategories, and the button in blue is presently indicating the subcategory of DB commands being shown in the vertical list.

Here is what the PutTankCase button at the top of the Cases & Loads subcategory brings up:

If you click the cow face, you get the particular COW (from that deals with the DB PutTankCase command.

Dialogs lists all the DB dialog commands:

The green Proj button is an anomaly that shows up everywhere because Projects is either a separate universe or an overarching one, depending on how you use it. (Or you can ignore it.)

The Spawn Info button at the top brings up a separate session of GHS with the express purpose of showing the DB Info. Thus it can remain on your screen as a reference while you work.

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