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Step Helps in DB Procedures
(Requires GHS version version 17.00 or later or later)

(Use the command DB Update to get the latest version of the Data Base software.)

While you can use any GHS command as a step in a Data Base Calculation Procedure by specifying the command directly, special step types are provided for certain commands that have rich parameter sets.

The STATUS command is one of those. If you select Status from the step menu, you now get this setup template:

The Hydrostatic Properties step type now has a more complete setup template as well:

For the Righting Arm Curve step setup you get this:

The Longitudinal Strength and Torque steps provides for a little more functionality than you get from the commands by themselves, and the setup templates reflects this:

Each of these helpful templates represents nearly all of the parameters that are presented in the GHS manual for that command and in some cases a little more. If it's a bit frightening to see all the parameters at once, you can always enter your version of the command as a Command step.

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