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DB Procs and EditProc
(Requires GHS version 17.00 or later)

(Use the command DB Update to get the latest version of the Data Base software.)

This week we uncover some features that were hidden in last week's introduction to what we call Data Base Procedures.

The Parameters column in the DB EditProc dialog can show either literal parameters or, in cases where the parameters are kept in a file within the Data Base, a file identifier.

The file identifier is the significant portion of the parameter file name and can be ignored unless you want to go snooping in the Data Base folder. In either case, the parameters appear in a secondary dialog which is revealed by the step Calc button.

The Limits step, for example, is one where the parameters are obviously too many and complex to show in the Parameters column.

(Just a small sample shown here.)

John Bonn brought up another thing. He called to ask if we could provide a way for: 1) deleting a step; 2) inserting a new step; and 3) changing the function of a step (which is a bit quicker than deleting then inserting).

It was embarrassing that we had not mentioned that initially. These functions show up if you click the step-number button.

Also we need to point out that by removing the check on the left, the step will be ignored by DB ExeProc.

DB Procs was mentioned in the previous COW but not discussed. It is a simple-looking dialog, but hidden under the name buttons are secondary dialogs that include editing the procedure (which is just like EditProc) and providing access to the Procedure library (which was mentioned briefly last week).

Of course we all understand that Procedures belong to the vessel you are working on. But in addition, there is a library of Procedures that can be accessed from any ship. If the Procedure is of a general-purpose nature, you may want to store it in the library. Clicking Import from library presents a list of the procedures currently in the library.

The Select button makes a copy the procedure from the library to replace the current procedure. This does not change the name of the current procedure.

Although we have more to show about Procedures, we will stop here to avoid stuffing this COW too full. There is enough to feed one more COW at least.

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