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DB ConfigureCrane and SetCrane
(Requires GHS version 17.00 or later)

(Use the command DB Update to get the latest version of the Data Base software.)

The Data Base offers basic crane modeling as well as an interface to complex cranes if you have the optional Crane Module.

The basic crane model includes rotating upper works and boom as well as a single hook load. (With the Crane Module you get many more details as well as graphics.)

DB ConfigureCrane provides a dialog for entering the configuration parameters of a basic crane:

If a complex crane model is selected, it brings up the detailed crane setup dialog from the Crane Module, which is beyond the scope of this COW.

Once the configuration is done (whether it be a basic or complex model), DB SetCrane can be used purely as a command where the angles and hook load(s) are provided as parameters, or it will provide a dialog for collecting the parameters if they're omitted on the command line:

And here is the result:

Since multiple cranes are possible, both commands take the crane number as their first parameter.

As with all Data Base commands, a primary advantage, even if the Crane Module is used for modeling, is that the data files are stored within the data base.

Before going on to show how cranes can become part of conditions (in a future COW) we should mention another DB command: DB CraneWiz brings up the Crane Wizard that comes with the Crane Module.

Again, having the data files stored within the data base is the reason to use DB CraneWiz.

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