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DB Conditions
(Requires GHS version 17.00 or later)

(Use the command DB Update to get the latest version of the Data Base software.)

A "condition" in DB terminology includes everything: light ship, fixed weights, tank loads, critical points, and even crane parameters.

DB Save and DB Get provide a simple means of saving and retrieving a condition. DB Save saves the current condition without attaching a name to it. DB Get retrieves what was saved with the last DB Save command.

To save a condition with a name that distinguishes it from other conditions, use DB PutCond name. DB GetCond name retrieves the condition. DB DelCond name deletes the named condition from the data base.

DB CondList brings up a listing of the named conditions.

This dialog provides functionality too. Adding a condition is equivalent to DB PutCond with that name. The name button isn't quite equivalent to GetCond; it pops up a choice to delete or get the condition.

PutCond, in addition to saving the condition, creates a tank case and a weight case using the same name only with a leading hyphen to make sure they're distinguished from other cases. The purpose of this is not primarily to keep a record of the contents of the condition but rather to break out these cases from the condition for use in creating new loads.

The cases show up in the Loads dialog. Note that the load generated with them is not numbered and can only be retrieved by name.

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