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DB Lightship and GetLightShip
(Requires GHS version 17.00 or later)

(Use the command DB Update to get the latest version of the Data Base software.)

DB LightShip brings up the Light Ship Manager dialog. Each of the three lines in this example represents a different version of the light-ship weight.

The "Case" column connects to light-ship cases that were defined previously by the PutLSWtCase command. The cases may be defined within this dialog as well.

Here is a case that includes the main weight item and additional added items:

Another format applies when your case consists of only the main weight item. This is what you get initially when you define a new case from within this dialog. It allows you to select any main weight item from the store.

The blank field after /WEIGHT/ in this example would show the main-weight name if it had one.

In the example above the "Locked" button is indicating that the weight is locked so that the numbers cannot be changed without going into the store edit and changing the locked status.

You can switch to the composite format where named weight items are summed to make up the light ship. The "Browse" button gives you access to the store from which you choose an item.

The other columns in the Light Ship Manager dialog are provided for weights to add and weights to subtract that are not represented in the Case column.

The DB GetLightShip command references one of the light-ship versions by its name or number. It brings in the weight items from all three columns to constitute the light ship which you see in the STATUS WEIGHT command.

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