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DB Loads
(Requires GHS version 17.00 or later)

(Use the command DB Update to get the latest version of the Data Base software.)

The DB Loads dialog looks similar to the one you get with GetLoad. The difference is that DB Loads is a working dialog{/u> with extended capability for creating and managing loads including the details of tank and fixed-weight cases which comprise each load.

On the tank side, the case button brings up this dialog:

What you are seeing is a complete list of the intact tanks with nonzero loads in the "Fuel & water only" case.

But this listing of the tanks probably has appeared because someone clicked the "Fill lines from base" button. In other words, you could clear the list with the "Delete all lines" button and the case would remain unchanged.

So what is the purpose of this listing?

When you list tanks on these lines you're overriding the load settings in the "basic case." The basic case, or simply the "base" is the case as defined by DB PutTankCase. Overriding the settings in the basic case never changes the basic case.

The case that DB GetTankCase delivers is the original or basic case. On the other hand, the case you get from DB GetLoad includes any additional settings from the lines showing in this dialog.

The "Edit base" button is useful not only for modifying a case: enter a new case name and use the Edit to build the new case.

Notice BAL_FWD on the third line. This is a tank set, not a tank name. The only way to include a tank set in the case you get from GetLoad is to list it in this manner.

The dialog on the fixed-weight side looks like this:

Here the base case is a selection of fixed weights from the fixed-weight store that has been generated via DB PutFixWtCase, or it can be built with the Edit provided here. As with the tank case, these lines override or supplement the base case, and it is the supplemented case that GetLoads delivers.

Here's the sort of answer that the question-mark button provides:

Fixed-weight items typically are quite fixed, so this ability to vary them can be ignored.

This is merely a brief introduction to DB Loads. Check the built-in documentation or just play with it to discover all its features.

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