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DB PutTankCase and GetTankCase
(Requires GHS version 17.00 or later)

(Use the command DB Update to get the latest version of the Data Base software.)

These two commands are similar to the Put and Get for light-ship and fixed-weight cases.

A Tank Case includes settings such as load fraction, contents, and type for every tank in the geometric model. DB PutTankCase captures the complete status of all tanks and DB GetTankCase restores the status. Names are assigned to tank cases in exactly the same way that names are assigned to weight cases.

DB GetTankCase given without a name parameter shows the tank cases that have been established.

The button on the left gets the case, and the button the right examines the case. There is no question as to which tanks are in the case because all tanks are represented.

Only intact tanks are shown and of those only the ones with nonzero load settings, with the tank names grouped by common load.

We ran this by John Bonn, and he said he was glad to see it because it was the necessary complement to the Weight Case commands. But he wanted to know if we could provide something like DB EditFixWt as a platform for setting up tank cases. He said he liked seeing the weight items in the store as he picked the ones to go into the case.

So we sent him a macro that facilitates making tank and fixed-weight cases from within Load Editor.

Note that the Case "Get" buttons on the left are active, which means that cases can be brought into the Load Editor as well as being created from within the Load Editor.

John Bonn's macro takes only a few lines, so we include it here.

macro le
 macro le_view
  DB Get%%91Case
 template le_askcase "Create Case" /nokey
  "View tank cases" .le_view "Tank" /persist |,
  "View weight cases" .le_view "Fixwt" /persist
  "Tank Case name:" le_tc /width:40
  "Weight Case name:" le_wc /width:40
 macro cases
  variable (str) le_tc,le_wc
  if {templok}=0 then exit
  if "{le_tc}"<>"" then DB PutTankCase "{le_tc}"
  if "{le_wc}"<>"" then DB PutFixWtCase "{le_wc}"
 load (*) edit /macro:cases

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