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(New or interesting aspects of GHS that you may not know about)

(Requires GHS version 17.00 or later)

If you store Geometry Files in the Data Base, you get a catalog of them that looks something like this:

The command DB PutGF is all it takes to put a copy of your Geometry File in the Data Base and add it to the catalog.

Thereafter DB GetGF filename will get it directly from the Data Base. Or omit the file name and pick it from the catalog by clicking the GF name in the Read column.

An additional feature is that the Data Base will maintain a Run File associated with the Geometry File. This special Run File gets run immediately after the GetGF operation.

For example, if the run file consists of DB GetLSWt and DB GetFixWt, then when the Geometry File is read via DB GetGF it behaves like the weight items were stored in the Geometry File.

The catalog presents other information about the Geometry Files in addition to what shows on its face. Clicking the vessel thumbnail shows the Comments.

And clicking the graphic there brings up a complete Display of the geometry.

That Geometry Run File is accessible directly too. The command is


Do not be tempted to put an entire set of commands for making a stability book in that GF Run File. It could be done, but the DB system has a much better place for typical Run Files. If you wondered why we made the editor window for the GF Run File so small, that's why, John Bonn.

Watch for an upcoming COW that shows how the Data Base manages other files, including Run Files.

None of the Data Base functions depend on Geometry Files being stored in the Data Base. The Data Base maintains a folder for every Geometry File name with which Data Base functions have been performed, but there is no requirement that you store the Geometry File there. The catalog of Geometry Files which you can get with DB GetGF is perhaps the best reason to use it. If for some reason you want to remove a Geometry File from the Data Base without affecting anything else pertaining to that ship, the command is
DB DeleteGF filename.

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