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You are an experienced GHS veteran. You've seen it all, you've done it all, and you're excited to learn new features as they get rolled out. Suddenly, you are informed of a feature that's been part of GHS for over a decade, but you had no idea even existed! Be scared, be very scared...

Actually, no need to be scared for your GHS guru status... you're in good company: not many GHS pros seem to have heard of humble RENAME /GF. Also no need to be scared of the command itself, since it's a handy and easy-to-understand utility for backing up and managing geometry files.

Let's say you're working on "Waverider (v1).GF", got it READ into GHS, but now want to back up version 1 before resuming work on version 2. That can be done by:

REN "Waverider (v2)" /GF

This "renames" the current vessel geometry by copying the original geometry file to new location "Waverider (v2).GF", making it the active geometry in use by GHS.

Not only that, RENAME /GF takes care of all the niggling details... the title bar now says "GHS - Waverider (v2)", the GF and GFLONG system variables are updated, any future SAVE files will refer to the new geometry, etc. If the geometry's directory contained a matching frame file "Waverider (v1).FRA", even that is likewise copied to "Waverider (v2).FRA":

When you're all done working with this geometry, you can use RENAME /GF to back up its final version to your geometry archive:

REN "\ARCHIVE\FINAL\Waverider (launched)" /GF

If sometime later you ever want to roll this vessel back into service for more work in your current directory, just READ the archived geometry then enter:

REN "Waverider (revisited)" /GF

Easy-peasy... nothing scary about that!

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