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The SCREEN MIN command combines a bunch of handy features to minimize the visible presence of GHS on your screen while it continues working in the background. Just entering minimal SCREEN MIN has the same result as pressing the "_" button in the right corner of the title bar, minimizing the GHS window by disappearing it off the screen so its only trace is on the taskbar:

Not much to see here... but it could be worse, since SCREEN MIN HIDE makes even the GHS button on the taskbar go away! Be careful before you do this, because SCREEN MIN HIDE may make it impossible to get GHS back (needing Task Manager to kill the hidden GHS.exe process). Hence you'd only want to use this inside a run file that's controlling GHS in the background, so it could QUIT or SCREEN MIN RESTORE to rematerialize GHS when wanted.

But what if a TEMPLATE dialog is active when SCREEN MIN is done (perhaps via MESSAGE SEND or an IDLE macro)? In that case, any active dialog boxes stay on the screen (unless SCREEN MIN ALL was done) even as the the GHS command window fades from view, focusing attention on the wizard dialog:

The final member of the SCREEN MIN menagerie is SCREEN MIN FOCUS, which doesn't hide any window but does pass its keyboard input focus to a different window, usually another GHS session that got connected using MESSAGE SEND ON. As seen below, entering SCREEN MIN FOCUS into the bottom GHS window causes it to lose focus in favor of the top one:

Since SCREEN MIN minimizes things, can you guess what SCREEN MAX does?

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