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We don't know about you, but once in a great while [squeaky voice-over: "pretty often, actually..."] we forget some nuanced detail of how GHS works. In these instances, the response is often one of two choices: either crack open GHS Help or open a fresh GHS window and hammer out a few quick tests. We find MACRO EDIT to be helpful in the latter circumstance and want to mention it for those who haven't tried it.

Say for example, you can't remember how the new SET arithmetic works again. Are parentheses legal? Let's test it out:

variable a,b,c
macro VAR-OUT
 me {a}
 me {b}
 me {c}

Suddenly, a thought hits you [sound of cymbal crash], macro VAR-OUT would be way better if it included the variable name on each line. So you quickly enter MACRO VAR-OUT EDIT, add six characters, and press Alt-F4 to exit [crowd cheering]. Behold the transformation:

Would this have been easier if you had opened a blank run file instead of GHS? Maybe. But if you want to transfer the commands you've typed so far into a run file, you could use:


(How do you think we got the commands into this HTML document?)

Want to know what else you can do with MACRO EDIT? You can make a copy of a macro simply by changing the name in the edit window. [bam]
Mind-blowing... am I right?

Seriously though, if you are testing something like nested macros, and you don't want to use LIST, then MACRO EDIT can show what was created in the child macros and help you make sense of the %%91 trick.

Director's Note: In order for a command (or command-like entity) to be featured in a Command of the Week article, it is supposed to be either new or noteworthy. We are not convinced MACRO EDIT qualifies as either, so the PR firm responsible for this week's edition has been sacked.

If you want to read about doing something useful with MACROS, see COW109.

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